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A dreamer, a half-realist-romanticist, a friend, a better writer than a conversationalist - this is SimPly RaRe - a hub pager who aspires and who attempts for the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Yes, Simply Rare has always been keen into writing.She was greatly influencedby her mother, her first teacher. Born into a print-enriched environment where text on old newspapers used as wraps for groceries back then were readable, she started dabbling on syllabication to read in English with little comprehension.The availability of picture books at her early age were minimal that the characters "John-and-Judy-and-Spot" were the common proper names in her English story reading in her early years, read and memorized. The media around her were mostly published in English even when it is her second language.

Her native tongue is in Tagalog which, at times is mostly termed as "Pilipino." At home, everyday conversation is done mostly in Tagalog but will be mixed with English and is commonly coined as "Tag-lish".

Her early writing years began in her fourth grade when she was assigned to write scripts based on legends of gods and godesses, or fruits and vegetables, eventually leading into plays or dramas.

On her sixth grade, she was appointed the editor for the elementary level of the school paper. In high school, she was "Best in English" and a few times garnered some prizes for essay-writing contests among schools thoughout the region. Her junior and senior years saw her growth in her writing career when she was associate editor, then editor-in-chief of the high school organ.

Simply Rare has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from an accredited university, Her four years of college witness "a freedom of the press" but in a very complicated way because of the way the country's government was run at that time. On her senior year, she was the associate editor of the college paper.

After two years from college graduation where she tried working as a production coordinator and copy writer for an advertising agency, she got married and raised a family. She was bent in continuing to write, to the point of sending contibuting articles to "Reader's Digest" and attempting to write sweet light, romantic messages on "HallMark" cards by snail mail. E-mail and UPS and Priority (Express) Mail were non-existent at that time.

While her two sons were weaning from pampers and formula and day care issues, Simply Rare, upon the advice of her husband, went back to the university and pursued a Master's Degree. She chose English and Literature as her majors. Because of this graduate program, she became an English professor of the university.

When her family migrated to the United States, a couple of decades ago, the only career she had to concentrate on at that time was her raising her children and how to survive by getting a job even if it was off-line. Her writing attempts were placed on "hold." because of this transition. When finances were stable enough, Simply Rare had to look for something to do to be productive. She took further studies, worked on a K-12 teaching credential and did not finish, but instead switched into a credential to teach adults English As a Second Language.

Her teaching experiences range from students from various age-levels, of different cultures, from kindergarten to 1st, to 2nd, to 12th, and on to the college freshmen and sophomores. Currently, Simply rare is working with the K-12 parents, the non-English speaking adults who only just need the language for now, to get more opportunities and to be able to align with their children to bridge their gap in communicatiion and other life skills.

Simply Rare wishes that you will take time to read her especially when the topic is interesting to you. She hopes to follow more hubbers and eventually asks questions and give feedbacks as best as she could.

She is grateful for hubpages and believes that this "hub" is the haven she was waiting for. Thank you, hp! And thank you, my followers. I will be in touch.

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    7 years ago

    An effective bridge to a "generation gap" ? Communication among speakers born of one native land and governed by one common government is expected to be bounded and bonded by one choice of language and that is, their...