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...aka Magnetic Scribe aka Dogon Griotte. I'm a South African of Zulu origin. We are members of the Nguni ethnic tribe. I was born Taurean and raised in coastal Durban, SA.

Progression is my foremost inspiration. As a student, I read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich which stirred within me a lasting fascination for growth. I enjoy witnessing things grow - whether it be a child, a tree, a company or my hair. An avid reader and writer, I enjoy an array of literary works, particulary those on the subjects of history, esoterics, astronomy, business, technology and communications. Vusamazulu Mutwa is first in my list of favorite authors.

Besides writing content and music, my other interests are culture, photography, art, alternative music, film and travel. I've worked in broadcast media for about ten years progressing from intern to writer and ultimately, executive producer. Recently, I've been using my journalistic experience online as a freelance writer while running a web design and content business called Penoptic Press. Juggling my time between the tv broadcast and online worlds is admittedly time consuming but also fulfilling. I'm doing what i love, learning a lot of new things (well, that's kind of my thing), sharing some of my experiences and experimenting with my own growth in a number of developmental projects.

So, if I go m.i.a for a while, don't be alarmed. I always come back to share my experiences because I genuinely love HubPages*

Disclaimer: All content here is copyrighted to me. Do not plagiarise. If you'd like to share any article, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @magneticscribe or drop me a line on LinkedIn (links are to the right of my profile).

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