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Tea Top Enterprises is an umbrella organization designed to encompass diversified business models. As the global economy moves into the new information/technology era a new paradigm for business emerges. The Internet has revolutionized the entire global market. E-commerce is now the fastest growing business opportunity in the world. Global economies are now within reach of small, and even small micro business. Tea Top Enterprises intends to take advantage of the diverse opportunities available in the e-commerce field.

Tea Top Enterprises presently consists of the following divisions; "Starting a business on a shoe string", Tea Top Trading Post, and Tea Solutions. These divisions, although diverse, are practical and manageable on the Internet. Additionally, Internet options increase substantially and evolve rapidly therefore, we can expect more diverse divisions within this company. As new opportunities arise our base will expand.

Tea Top Enterprises is a diversified business with many departments incorporating under an umbrella is more economical than incorporating several small entities. This type of incorporating also allows for future diversification and growth in the future.

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