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Well what can I say,I'm the other half to my husband Jay I am a mum to four growing lads who are forever rummaging through my cupboards and eating all my cake!

As you can see I love spending time in the kitchen. I live in a busy noisy but fun filled household.

We have Max and Clyde my two adorable labradors. We have hens in the backyard, a turtle and a bearded dragon! I also enjoy growing my own vegetables and with having chickens we are partly on our way to being self-sufficent.

You can follow me on my gardening venture and catch up on the latest scoop from the coop


Why not take a walk through my garden through my online dairy of 2011 and read about and see the arrival of my girls, Octavia, Perdy, Matilda, Dory and Bell


Or to view all my pages on squidoo


Or you could join me in the kitchen with my online cooking class


And finally spreading my wings with a literary review


I hope to see some of you there and I am looking forward to getting aquainted with you.

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      • not adding up

        not adding up

        5 years ago

        Why is it my visits have gone up yet my earnings down, just does not make any sense. This always seems to happen as well when the earning have not been updated for several days, which seems to be a regular occurrence of...

      • Did anyone get an email yesterday?

        Did anyone get an email yesterday?

        5 years ago

        Hi did anyone receive an email from someone who joined yesterday called groupbuilder? I had one and just wondered if it is genuine or some scam.

      • ads removed?

        ads removed?

        5 years ago

        Hi I don't know if anyone can help me but my ads have disappeared from my blog. I have not received an email from Google adsense and as far as I am aware I have done nothing to contravene the rules. Can anyone shed any...

      • FIXED: Statistics a bit delayed

        FIXED: Statistics a bit delayed

        5 years ago

        Has anyone else noticed there are no updates on statistics for the past 5 hours?

      • Spelling mistake in url

        Spelling mistake in url

        5 years ago

        I published a new hub yesterday and it wasn't until I was adding my link somewhere else that I noticed that I had spelled vegetables as vegeatbles! Will this affect my hub being indexed by Google ect? I started the hub...

      • Earninngs


        5 years ago

        Are they counting out the money manually! This is becoming a regular occurrence, does that mean there is more money to count than usual!

      • A how to hub needs some help

        A how to hub needs some help

        5 years ago

        Hi, I have just published a new hub on how to create a fish shaped celebration cake. I found it quite difficult to explain it was a lot easier to make the cake than to write the hub! Can I have some feed back please as...

      • adsense account

        adsense account

        5 years ago

        Hi I have an adsense account I wanted to know do I have to add the url of every hub to it. Sorry if this seems a dumb question but new to this. thanks

      • Pin gone mad!

        Pin gone mad!

        5 years ago

        I am astonished! I published a new hub last night and in the 1st hour had over 100 visits, I have never had this happen before and thought wow! this is good. This morning I had over 500 visits and it had all happened...

      • Writing and publishing hubs?

        Writing and publishing hubs?

        5 years ago

        Is anyone holding back on doing any new hubs? I am working on one but fear publishing yet

      • 4th hub published comments plz

        4th hub published comments plz

        5 years ago

        Hi everyone I have just published my 4th hub, Not getting a lot of traffic to any of my hubs so really could do with some feed back to know if I am doing ok or I am missing something. Thanking you in advance for your...

      • I am going round in circles!

        I am going round in circles!

        5 years ago

        Hi can someone please point me in the direction where I can read about and understand the Q&A section on our hubs. I have been looking but can't seem to locate the information. Thanks

      • layout?


        5 years ago

        Hi once you have published a hub can you change the layout? I know you can move capsules but I want a photograph at the top next to the text and the only way I can see to do this is by changing the layout. thanks

      • Need critiques please

        Need critiques please

        5 years ago

        Hi I'm quite new to the hub pages, and would appreciate you thoughts an comments on my new hubs please http://sjwigglywoo.hubpages.com/hub/Tre … icken-coop

      • confused!


        5 years ago

        Hi I'm quite new but I have a query regarding hubs. I started a hub today however it is not finished and had not been published yet it is showing 2 viewings, how can this be possible?

      • Newbie finding her feet

        Newbie finding her feet

        5 years ago

        Hi everyone, I have published two hubs and I am still finding my way around. I published a new hub last night and it has a poem on it, and I could not write it in the right format that I wanted. Any ideas would be much...