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I'm just your typical college drop out that struggled immensely through school. I hated to read and to write for that matter. Whenever I had to write something I always looked for the nearest encyclopedia that I could copy from. I'm surprised I wasn't accused of plagiarizing more than what I did.

But being a college dropout didn't hamper me from wanting to improve myself. In fact about 15 years ago I decided that I wanted to improve my vocabulary. I bought a tape program on vocabulary words, and over the next year I memorized some very sophisticated words.

In fact some of the prodigious words I learned have the mellifluous sounds only found in some of the most prestigious annals of a Rhodes Scholar University. Okay, enough of that rhetoric...

So what do most college drops out do? Sell cars right? I figured I'd go into the car business and sell cars since my Rocket Science Degree was a bunch of B.S. Speaking of B.S., I guess you have to have a level of it to be in the car business.

I've spent the last 20+ years mired in that industry, and I obviously have myriad stories that I plan on sharing. Not only that, but I've come to the point in my life where I actually like to write; hard to imagine since I hated it in school. So I’ll probably touch on several other subjects as well just because I can.

I also started my own blog on the car business and will eventually mix in some articles on the auto industry as a whole.

My site is here: http://cardealerbuyingsecrets.com

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