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My comma is stuck like it used to get with my old typewriter. This happens occasionally and doesn't resolve with shutdown. Then with no particular impetus; it restores. My keyboard has a will of its own. It is possessed by my many muses more prolific than I allow them to be.

Poetry reflects the human condition and I am merely one mirror, one of its 'looking glasses'. When Alice passed through the looking glass, she found a new reality.

I am broadening my horizons in creative writing and warily moving from my comfort zone of poetry. I have found a warm welcome among the poets of HubPages and have been drawn into the discussions of the Poetry Forums.

I am one of sixteen authors, the "sweet sixteen", collaborating in The Journey: A Look at Aging.

A Table of Contents ----- Hub authors

The Journey - Chapter 1 - Nellieanna

The Journey - Chapter 2 - Curiad

The Journey - Chapter 3 - Vincent

The Journey - Chapter 4 - Jaye

The Journey - Chapter 5 - tillsontitan

The Journey - Chapter 6 - xstatic

The Journey - Chapter 7- tom cornett

The Journey - Chapter 8 - Silvergenes

The Journey - Chapter 9 - kenneth avery

The Journey - Chapter 10 - kathleen Cochran

The Journey - Chapter 11 - CJ Sledgehammer

The Journey - Chapter 12 - phdast ( Theresa )

The Journey - Chapter 13 - gerg

The Journey - Chapter 14 - sligobay

The Journey - Chapter 15 - Jackwms

The Journey - Chapter 16 - arb

The project was a success. " If it can be conceived, it can be achieved."

Challenge yourself.

Read my top Hub view of the week for a laugh:


So join HubPages and find a home for your writing and your intellect.


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    6 years ago

    jailed http://bukowski.net/paintings/ Henry 'Hank' Charles Bukowski's sheer genius whetted by alcohol creates free verse at street level. People's Poet? I think not. Though he wrote in coarse language and spoke his...