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I am a freelance writer that absolutely loves the profession. I enjoy the very idea of putting into words and relaying so much emotion, info and education. I see it as a way to share an individual's thoughts, feelings and ideas in the most meaningful of ways.

Words have power. These little things are enormous. They provide influence and even authority to people in a world where the average person feels powerless. It is capable of building the ultimate road to equalizing any individual no matter the financial or economic circumstances surrounding them. Hopes and dreams seem more attainable because of this attribute.

Learning and teaching keep pace with technology because the internet reaches nearly everywhere. Writers hold a great deal of influence by making certain material and subject matter are grasped in the blink of an eye. A smarter society is beneficial to each citizen in every country. This is a bridge to a brighter future for generations to come.

As a member of several online platforms attempting to make a difference, I feel a certain responsibility. A sort of unwritten pledge to publish quality content with a purpose for anyone taking the time to read what I write.

Any one in this profession has a responsibility to put out competent and skilled info for a reader. Failure to do so makes all of us appear less than efficient in any field or niche.

Come and join a wonderful community here at Hubpages. Becoming a member has also given countless folks in the business the chance to learn a great deal of useful knowledge. More than a few have joined and are astounished at what simple words are capable of creating.

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