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I love creating art! I also love to make the viewer or reader feel something when you read something I write or look at something I created, there is nothing like making someone smile or have a good laugh! I hope you enjoy my designs. :)

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  • Troubled Teenager Songs

    Troubled Teenager Songs

    5 years ago

    Teenagers really do have a lot of troubles to cope with and as a parent you might think what does my teen have to worry about? They don't have bills, a boss or a spouse nagging them, their life should be a breeze. The...

  • Cancer Patient Benefit and Auction Planning

    Cancer Patient Benefit and Auction Planning

    5 years ago

    When you know someone battling a disease such as cancer watching them battle the disease is hard enough but when you see their entire family struggling to pay their bills and falling farther and farther behind it just...

  • Made In The USA Garden Tools

    Made In The USA Garden Tools

    4 years ago

    If we all do our part ... Did you know that if each American would just simply spend $30 a month (only a dollar a day) on American made goods instead of foreign goods (regular purchases of course), that would create or...