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I write because it is very theraputic for me, it gives me the opportunity to express my inner feelings without being embarssed or afraid somebody won't like what I say. If someone doesn't like what I write they just don't need to read what I write. And if by chance somebody makes a negative comment and I don't like it, I have the opportunity to not read it. I hope someday to write a book, it's just that I still carry the shame with me of my past behavior and don't have the courage to make it public. I hope soon to get that courage or maybe I will write it and safe it to the computer and when I pass away my family can publicize it.

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    Abandonment Issues

    3 years ago

    Many years ago, I want to say in the late 70's early 80's, there was a great deal of discussion among Oprah and other talk shows. That must have been a result of the shift in thinking about child rearing. I my mother's...