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Imagination and Curiosity - the most magnificent brain talents we all have. I've been a marketing and management consultant for many years and have a reputation for using games and ice breakers to solve problems or begin a discussion. I sprinkle in games at meetings, retreats, reunions, conferences and any where else as appropriate. Companies will spend vast amounts of money on initiatives that make their employees more anxious and less productive rather than finding ways to let employees use their imagination to embrace their differences and become more productive because of them. I'm really curious about that.

Playing clever, thinking games should be a part of everyone's day. C-suite executives, workers of the world, those who volunteer, those who can't, housewives, teachers, journalists, potsmokers, politicians, rock stars, Thomas Friedman (hero). Everyone. If we strategically incorporate fun and challenging games that stimulate our imagination, we could change the dynamic of our collective attitude. We could certainly change the employee and productivity levels at most companies.

Repeat this after me: Team Building Activities Are Good For Business!

Now I am profoundly curious about you! Who are you and what is unique about you? I'd love to create a game around you!

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        How much detail in a marketing plan?

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