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  • Depression Is Hard

    Depression Is Hard

    18 months ago

    There is a stigma behind depression and how it's perceived. Some people have it worse than others, but it's not really a pissing contest to see who has the worst life. This is my story.

  • Campus Book Rentals Saves

    Campus Book Rentals Saves

    4 years ago

    It's that time of year where money gets tight but school is still an important part of your life. Trying to decide what is important and what isn't is a tough decision when you want to experience everything life has to offer. Finding the funds to...

  • Updates On Life

    Updates On Life

    5 years ago

    I have literally had this blank post waiting in my drafts for over six months now. Sometimes finding words to write can be difficult when you are unsure what you wish to share. Finding words can be even more difficult when you are battling with your...

  • Rent A Book and Save a Smile?

    Rent A Book and Save a Smile?

    5 years ago

    College can be expensive... Sometimes the truth hurts. College isn't cheap. So many expenses can stack up and they stack up fast. The price of college books can be quite shocking and sometimes renting is the only option you have. But what if there was a way you could rent your books AND give back?

  • Sugar(pill) Rush

    Sugar(pill) Rush

    6 years ago

    Sugarpill cosmetics Facebook Profile Photos So a few months back I finally caved and purchased some Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow. What is Sugarpill you ask? It happens to be an independent cosmetics company run by the most colourful person you will...

  • Scenery, Vision, and Outlook...Lots of Things Have Changed

    Scenery, Vision, and Outlook...Lots of Things Have Changed

    6 years ago

    Maybe some of you have noticed... maybe you haven't. It's been a while since I've posted a hub or shared anything at all. Maybe you missed me, maybe you didn't, but it's fine by me either way. Being gone has given me time to think about what's...

  • Perfect Veggie Soup

    Perfect Veggie Soup

    7 years ago

    Just imagine... a cold winter's day... you step inside, knock the snow off your shoes and the house is filled with the aroma that comes along with a nice hearty soup. What could be better right? What about if this soup happens to be veggie soup? ...

  • Born Pretty Store-Beauty For Less

    Born Pretty Store-Beauty For Less

    5 years ago

     Do you always wish you could add more colour into your look without the high price tag? Do you love experimenting with nail colour but don't want to pay the price at a nail salon? With the way the economy is it is harder to do things like shop for...

  • Listia-Like Ebay, but FREE!

    Listia-Like Ebay, but FREE!

    7 years ago

     Do you have a lot of stuff in your house you don't use? Possibly some things you may still have tags on or left unopened in a drawer somewhere? Or maybe you have some items in your closet that are gently used but you just don't wear anymore? Do...

  • Easy as Pie - Apple Pie Recipe

    Easy as Pie - Apple Pie Recipe

    7 years ago

    The Apple Pie has been around for ages. It is well loved and you can never go wrong with a good slice of apple pie. Never having made one before but desperately wanting to I decided to embark on the journey of a simplified easy as pie way of doing...

  • Dexter- The Book, The Series, The Story-A Review Part 3

    Dexter- The Book, The Series, The Story-A Review Part 3

    8 years ago

    Again, I will be reveling major plot points from the book as well as season three. Proceed with caution. The third installment finds Dexter in a new mess. Still working as a Blood Spatter Analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide...

  • Diabetes Awareness-New Technology on The Horizon

    Diabetes Awareness-New Technology on The Horizon

    6 years ago

    Understanding a disease is not as easy as it may seem if you are not directly effected with it in someway. I do not have diabetes, but a person very close to me does. I have made it a personal mission to understand as best I can and be supportive....

  • Dexter-The Books-The Series-The Story- A Review Part 2

    Dexter-The Books-The Series-The Story- A Review Part 2

    4 years ago

    Again, I will be revealing major plot points from the series and the book. Proceed with caution if you have not read the book or watched this season of the television series!!! This is part 2 in my series of The Story Match-up with the books to the...

  • Dexter- The Books, The Series, The Story- A Review Part 1

    Dexter- The Books, The Series, The Story- A Review Part 1

    4 years ago

      I am going to do a series of the Dexter Books by Jeff Lindsay compared to the series so far. As both are still progressing and changing I am going to do a comparative review of book to season.  This will obviously contain a few spoilers if you...

  • The Origins of Pizza

    The Origins of Pizza

    5 years ago

    The actual origins of pizza are a little fuzzy. It is speculated to have started as a base off of Pita bread from the Mid-East, or from Foccacia, served as snacks in Rome 1,000 years ago. Another is that it was brought to Italy from Greece sometime...

  • You're Not a Witch-But You're Not Me Either

    You're Not a Witch-But You're Not Me Either

    18 months ago

    I am not a huge follower of what is going on in the news sometimes. I can't even claim that I know much of any major news stories. I really try to keep my hand out of these types of topics when it comes to writing, and I tried to avoid this one...

  • Amazing Veggie Deep Dish Pizza-Recipe

    Amazing Veggie Deep Dish Pizza-Recipe

    8 years ago

       With the continued success of the previous Spicy Hawaiian Pizza hub I realized.... People love pizza. Pizza is almost always a favorite for anyone and I love the variety that comes with it. You can have whatever toppings you want and it is...

  • Baked Alfredo- Recipe

    Baked Alfredo- Recipe

    8 years ago

     Sometimes having a simple but delicious meal after a long day is a fantastic way to wind down. Comfort food usually fits the bill. It is always good to have an old standby, or even a new one, that you can use to keep everyone happy. Pasta is...

  • Veggie Ramen-Recipe

    Veggie Ramen-Recipe

    8 years ago

      Ramen noodles are infamous with cheap, fast, and easy. Growing up, living on your own and low on cash means if you want to eat, you have to do it as cheap as possible. Ramen is one of the most versatile noodle products on the market. Running...

  • Thrifty Shopper-New Dress a Day for a Dollar

    Thrifty Shopper-New Dress a Day for a Dollar

    18 months ago

    The banner from Marisa's wordpress page. When I came across Marisa Lynch's blog on Wordpress in what feels like ages ago, I was amazed! The idea was simple... Spending a dollar a day at consignment shops, thrift stores, garage and yard sales, or...

  • What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?-Pick Your Costume now!

    What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?-Pick Your Costume now!

    3 years ago

    Have you had the all too familiar conversation with a child yet... I NEED to get my Halloween costume ready!!! It's getting SO close to Halloween!!! It seems the closer to Halloween it gets the more and more frustrated kids get with you. You can't...

  • Understanding Your Body Image

    Understanding Your Body Image

    8 years ago

    Asking me why certain people don't like their body image is like asking me to understand football, or how insurance companies work. I don't know. What I DO know is that a lot of people hold body image issues with themselves. It is a worldwide, and...

  • How To Draw-Spongebob's Face

    How To Draw-Spongebob's Face

    3 years ago

    Over the years Spongebob has been getting even more popular with every generation.I myself, at 25, still enjoy watching Spongebob with it's, at times, adult humor and hilarious one liners. What isn't to love? For those out there who have a hard time...

  • Twilight:How to Avoid Your Jacob

    Twilight:How to Avoid Your Jacob

    6 years ago

    So ladies... Are you Team Edward? Do you have your own personal Jacob annoyingly stalking you? Pinning after your love every... second... of ... every DAY?! Well here's a quick list to help you weed out the Jacobs, so you can "Find Your Edward". ...

  • Charred Orange-Glazed Chicken-Recipe

    Charred Orange-Glazed Chicken-Recipe

    8 years ago

      I know what you are thinking, a vegetarian, posting a recipe for a dish she has never eaten. Crazy right?! Wrong! Though I may not have actually eaten this chicken I can tell you it is a FANTASTIC dish. I have yet to have a single complaint and...

  • Potato Soup- Recipe

    Potato Soup- Recipe

    8 years ago

      Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, finding a good hearty meal that will not only fill you up but keep you warm is a must. I have always loved when My mom or my grandmother would make potato soup. There was almost never any...

  • Top 10 Ways Women Won't Keep a Man

    Top 10 Ways Women Won't Keep a Man

    7 years ago posted a top 10 list titled Top 10 Ways To Tease Her and Make Her Crazy For You. Immediately upon reading this, my friend and I thought... "Well, if by teasing you mean picking on her and driving her crazy and driving her away". They...

  • Allowing Yourself to Understand Love

    Allowing Yourself to Understand Love

    7 years ago

    Love will bow to no one, for love is too great a feeling to be completely contained by another.

  • The Heart of a Dancer

    The Heart of a Dancer

    3 years ago

    Once a ballerina, always a ballerina. Anyone who has ever danced even for a short while has always connected with it in some way the rest of their lives. I used to dance. Way back when I was little I was put into a ballet class with my sister...

  • How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

    How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

    18 months ago

    Do you ever wonder what would happen if the world was overrun by zombies? Do you have a plan of attack?

  • The Novelty Of Hubpages

    The Novelty Of Hubpages

    4 years ago

    I was recently introduced to Hubpages by my wonderful friend, Sunny Robinson. I was skeptical at first. Not because of what Hubpages offer in the income aspect of it all, but because of writing for the public. I am a relatively private person when...

  • Family Style Meal-Baked Ziti-Recipe

    Family Style Meal-Baked Ziti-Recipe

    18 months ago

    Having a family meal is important. Making time for friends and family is always something everyone should do. Italian cooking is always one of the best ways to prepare a big meal for a lot of people and no one leaves the table hungry. Baked Ziti is...

  • Swallowing My Big Girl Pill

    Swallowing My Big Girl Pill

    5 years ago

    The idea of growing older really is a difficult thing to swallow. Sometimes you just outgrow things and then it's time to just move on. I recently hit my 25th birthday and I was devastated. I don't often hear many people mentioning a quarter life...

  • Shoo-Fly Pie -Recipe

    Shoo-Fly Pie -Recipe

    5 years ago

    Growing up in Pennsylvania I was introduced to shoo-fly pie at a young age. After moving to West Virginia and then to Tennessee I remember every time my family would get together after a trip from Pennsylvania we would always have shoo-fly pie. It...

  • The Love of a Season

    The Love of a Season

    3 years ago

    Seasons change, it is an inevitable fact of life. My favorite season of all has to be Fall, hands down. The weather is so enjoyable, the colours are amazing, the holidays bring a feeling of warmth and togetherness like no other time of the year, and...

  • The Muslim Community Reaches Out

    The Muslim Community Reaches Out

    18 months ago

    I signed onto my Yahoo today to read the headlining news of the day and came across THIS ARTICLE. I was ecstatic! There has been buzz flying around of a mosque that will be "2 blocks from ground zero". Not only was the information completely WRONG...

  • Laws of Attraction-The Power of Positive Thinking

    Laws of Attraction-The Power of Positive Thinking

    18 months ago

    Have you ever heard someone say, "That person gives me bad vibes" ? That is essentially where the Law of Attraction gets its base. The cement building blocks of this religion versus science debate over the power of positive thinking starts with...

  • Find Solace in a Chaotic World

    Find Solace in a Chaotic World

    18 months ago

    The dictionary defines the word solace as something that comforts and consoles. Have you ever wanted a way to comfort yourself? I think everyone has at some point or another. Chaos can overrun our day to day lives and cause depression and angst and...

  • Spicy Hawaiian Pizza-Recipe

    Spicy Hawaiian Pizza-Recipe

    5 years ago

    Pizza has always been one of my "house specialties". It's been a big hit among anyone I have ever made it for and it has caused me to be the designated pizza maker in any and every household. When I make pizza I go big. I have the uncanny ability to...

  • What Makes You Smile?

    What Makes You Smile?

    18 months ago

     How often do you smile everyday? Do you know? Is it a conscious decision? Do you find reasons to smile? Maybe if you don't you should. I try to find reasons to smile everyday. I like to think of things to make me happy. It seems weird when you...

  • POV on Deaf Technology-Technological Advances in Telecommunications

    POV on Deaf Technology-Technological Advances in Telecommunications

    18 months ago

    Not being a member of the deaf community puts me at a disadvantage for really understanding what is out there to help with communication. Being born in the age of technological advances, we are making leaps and bounds in the direction for making...

  • How I Met My Puggle

    How I Met My Puggle

    8 years ago

      Around two years ago I reconnected with a long lost friend from high school days. It was through him that I met two of my best friends. One: was his then girlfriend, a relationship that has since ended, who I am now the closest of friends with....

  • Premium-Why I Love You-Make Your Before Pictures Into An After!
    7 Premium-Why I Love You-Make Your Before Pictures Into An After!

    5 years ago

    After a few awesome years shut down their main website and moved their editing tools to Google+ on April 19th, 2012. It was fun while it lasted. Interested in another site that has the same effects? Check out Thanks for...

  • Fresh Hummus-Recipe

    Fresh Hummus-Recipe

    8 years ago

     Being a Vegetarian makes me feel like I am a picky eater because of what I avoid. I consider myself "Nearly Vegan" because there are a few things along the lines of dairy products that I haven't been able to omit from my everyday life. I choose to...

  • Vita Esperienza- Experience Life... a biography of sorts

    Vita Esperienza- Experience Life... a biography of sorts

    18 months ago

      Life so far in this little world for me seems pretty unsubstantial... pretty "normal" to me because this is how I grew up. I have experienced much more in my 25 years of life then some do in the decades before they are escorted into the...


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