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I am a student of God’s Word, the Bible, with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. I have a passion for truth, justice, and wisdom. I believe truth is something that one must pursue and be open to a revelation of it as an objective reality. I am a Christian, a disciple of Christ, and a believer in His Creation of the World, His Deity as God’s Son, and His atoning sacrifice and resurrection for mankind. Part of my pursuit is more knowledge about History, Science, and Philosophy as it relates to the topic of the Bible.

I also have experience in construction & craftsmanship, banking & finances, traveling & the great outdoors, and self-defense & fitness.

My profile picture is an example of two basic points. One concerning God’s law and one concerning a cultural dissatisfaction with the truth.

We need to be wary not to reject God’s free gift of the cross or cross His moral line, the “Natural Law”, which is a part of our conscience and further outlined in the Bible. Many believe the grass is greener on the other side, but will find that any temporal pleasures soon die off when the easy way inevitably becomes the hard way and leads them to a much less pleasant ending.

The culture also puts barriers in the way of truth. A pursuit of real truth is seen as dangerous and is looked upon with angst by those who do not want to hear it because they do not want to follow it. The pursuit of many has become the pursuit of being true to oneself or the pursuit of acceptance as a part of the culture. Too often truth today is replaced with moral relativism and blind acceptance of all other lifestyles, religions, and even atheism as being fully right or at least alright. This is an unfortunate reality that perhaps can be curtailed by the additional injection of truth, like a much needed medical shot of a cure into a dying man’s veins.

Your first impression of me may be a straight forward, truth slinging, objective perspective guy {and these are true I believe}, but I am not without an appreciation for humor and some witty banter when time calls for it.

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