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It is predicted that in just a few years the Artic will have iceless winters.

We must not continue on the same course that will most certainly spell doom for all northern animals and many more humans who are affected in other parts of the world.

Recentely, scientists at MIT announced discovery of a means to solve the problem of manufacturing and storing energy in the absence of the sun.

despite this new discovery, the increasing tension in oil producing countries, and the catastrophic effect prices of fuel are affecting most of the world, In the U.S. the presidnet once again reveals his smugness in facre of the facts. the bill that would extend a tax credit for solar has been set aside in a petty, partisan move to punish those who are trying to save what's left of the planet.

Whether there is a hundred trillion barrels of oil locked beneath the sea or a thousand, the use of carbon fuels is still harmful to the planet and flys in the face of new technologies on the cusp of practical application.

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