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Welcome! To the magically delicious world of C. Szabo, M. A., artist, symbolist, and author of Poetry in Motion: 19 Symbolic Reviews of Transformational Film. I've been an avid learner in the realm of symbolism for a few decades, beginning with Jungian dream interpretation. The symbolism of myth, fairy tale, poetry, and all the arts, etc. is the same we use for Jungian or archetypal style dream interps. In fact, my book (found online in Amazon's e book section) is a collection of interpretations of films like Fight Club, Cold Comfort Farm, and a Pirates of the Caribbean selection (Dead Man's Chest). It's my opinion that the understanding of symbolic language, the soul's speech, always adds a layer of meaning and depth to our human journeys. I've set up a site (www.sorcerersstone.net) with simple instruction in symbolism and a blog. This Squidoo account is serving the same purpose- to open folks' eyes to the beauty of symbolic language.

I live in the northern part of Michigan,the U. P. Though myths and fairy tales and symbolism may seem like old and useless stuff in the scientific age, they are carriers of basic truths about human experience that aren't going to go away anytime soon. They can help us all mature past the unbalanced mundane society we've made here in the U.S. toward a life of wisdom and compassion.

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  • Symbolism of Sleeping Beauty

    Symbolism of Sleeping Beauty

    4 years ago

    The fairy tale best known as Sleeping Beauty is a teaching tale, meant to instruct us in regards to our inner development. From the symbolic point of view based on alchemical/magical wisdom, it's a story about how our...