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I work full time and have a (nearly) wife and three children. You can imagine, like many of us, I don't find a great deal of time for myself. I'm not complaining, you understand, mearly saying.

One of the things I can and do find time for is cooking. This mainly consists of indian cusine, like curries and various starters, but also traditional Sunday Dinners, breakfasts, pies and pastas. I occasionally bake. I'm going to do some easy 'How to...' recipies, and will include the disasters as well. Yes, indeed. We all get it wrong sometimes, nobody is perfect...and I can prove it!

I'll also throw in some other interests as they come along: I like to write, read, play music, take the family on days out, photography, and I'm pretty into social media, politics to a degree, and the odd bit of philosophy! Eclectic or what?

Come and join me, lets have some fun. I'm open to ideas, love comments and if you send me recipies I'll give them a go (I think that could be the fun bit). Also, in my non-professional capacity, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

You can follow me on Twitter: @SpenCamus or keep up with my blog, Diary of a Lazy Man, which is about my journey of personal change.

Regards, Spencer

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