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I have decided to get back into hubbing as a hobby. I’m currently in Hyderabad with my husband who works in software and as I’m pregnant I really don’t have a lot to fill up my time at the moment. I love cooking, if anything India has inspired me to learn how to cook many amazing things. I also love, art, history, and I’m addicted to trivia. My hero is still George Carlin.

I created a blog called Jolly Good Directory which is entirely dedicated to shopping overseas. I’m hoping to create a humor blog in the near future.

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    • Simple Hindu Wedding

      Simple Hindu Wedding

      17 months ago

      How does one plan a simple Hindu wedding ceremony which does not include the bride's family (they won't be present due to extenuating circumstances), also keep in mind the bride (me) is not Indian. Could someone write a...

    • Which of these  Indian cities should I go to?

      Which of these Indian cities should I go to?

      4 years ago

      So my better half (who is Indian)m and I are planning a marriage ceremony but afterwords we wanted to go on a trip in India. I somehow wound up in charge of planning the honeymoon (loI always wind up planning the...