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I am a Squidoo Fanatic, It's that simple. I love reading other people's lenses and writing lenses about whatever is on my mind at that moment. I also love earning money from writing on the web. It's hard work but rewarding. If you'd like to earn money on squidoo too you can join Squidoo too!

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  • My Experience With Chronic Hives

    My Experience With Chronic Hives

    7 years ago

    Hives is a skin condition that affects many of the population. It can be triggered by environment factors, lotions put on the skin, clothing, heat and foods that you eat. There is no 'cure' as such, but there are ways...

  • How To Cure Heat Rash

    How To Cure Heat Rash

    5 years ago

    I have lived in a hot tropical climate for almost 15 years now and for some odd reason only now have I begun to suffer from heat rash and I'm not happy. It's uncomfortable and unsightly and as I work with customers on a...