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Thank you for taking a moment to read a little more about me. I came to hubpages a few years ago because I wanted to write more and what I had read stimulated me to answer questions and or write articles that moved me or I had passion. I write freely and from the heart in whatever areas that motivate me to express my thoughts and feelings. I love reading as it allows me to learn more and discover more of what God has created for me in my path. I love life and living. God has blessed me to experience so much in the little time I have been here and I eagerly await the other gifts of experiences that he has waiting for me while on my journey. I have been chosen by Jesus to be worthy to save and I am humbly greatful. I have been given glorious gifts I have a loving husband who was sent her to love, protect and make me happy ever minute of the day. One who is my best friend, and I look forward to the many years we have ahead of us as we grow older side by side in our journey in this life. We were blessed with two miracles Destiny and Faith two women of tomorrow who I have not doubt will make significant changes in this old world for the greater good of all mankind and to top this sunday off right we have a little dog Mr. Bentley who is such a handful that keeps us laughing and going all the time.

I love to read - mainly non-fiction as my mind gravitates to interesting things of discovery and if it moves me I enjoy writing about them. Sometimes I write about my dreams as I believe that they are messages to the world that the Lord channels through me. I am a creative person - somewhat an artist. Struggling for now to discover my true talents and abilities. I love all things that express the human mind, heart and soul. Things that highlight uniqueness and individuality and strong beliefs. I enjoy a good debate every now and then and to release my built up entergies and to help me sort out my challenges I enjoy crafting. All kinds of ways to express myself through art. I have found that I am drawn to paper, and wood that is why I love pencil art sketching, paper flower wreaths. I love woods in interior designing and interesting unique things people have created out of nothing. Recycling old making it into new is a passion of mine and I appreciate other artist who express themselves this way. I believe that the Lord Almighty created this world for me to discover and that is why I dedicate my life to researching and learning all new things.

If you don't know by now, I am a spiritual person. A lover of God and he is my favorite discovery as his uniqueness never ceases. The more I learn about him, the more I love him and its never going to stop. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul for what he done for me I can never repay, only humbly appreciate with limitless graditude as it was his "choice" that allowed me the liberties that I enjoy today.

I am here to read about your experiences, the pains, the pleasures the new discoveries you have found along your journey. I know that I will learn some new things from this forum and I hope to share some real experiences here for you that may help your situation or challenge. I got a good vibe from here since day one and its still been good for me. I will continue to read and write and enjoy all that hubpages writers have to offer. Thank you for the opportunity to share a piece of myself with you. God bless you.


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