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    Under the Drowning Sun and Howling Night

    33 hours ago

    India reported 3,26,098 new Covid-19 cases and 3,890 deaths in the last 24 hours as per Union Health Ministry. Some states of India is facing shortages of vaccines, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and other medicines. We have lost many of our loved ones during this pandemic but let just stay strong.

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    Stay Wise and Young With Words

    3 days ago

    Books are the path of wisdom and freedom. They have the power to change or make people and has ability to teach us that life can be lived in many ways.

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    A Wandering Soul in Love

    5 days ago

    This article contains various poems which describes the Love Journey of a girl who writes poem when she fell in love and she writes poem when left by her lover.

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    From Body Shaming to Self Acceptance

    9 days ago

    Body shaming is unacceptable and worst thing a human can do. It can cause serious impact on one’s mind as they end up valuing their own worth based on someone’s harsh words.

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    Female Foeticide - Let an Innocent Child Live

    12 days ago

    Female foeticide is a crime and a great social disaster which still takes place in many parts of the world. It is a shameful practice of aborting a girl fetus in the womb before its complete growth.

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    15 Most Lethal Bioweapons of History

    2 weeks ago

    Bioweapons or Biological Weapons includes microorganisms that cause deadliest diseases in Humans, Animals or Plants. The deliberate release of Bioweapons to cause illness or death is called “Bioterrorism”. Using a bioweapon in an act of war is called “Biological Warfare”.

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    Let Me Walk in Peace - Women

    3 weeks ago

    One in every four women has experienced sexual assault or domestic violence in their lifetime. The occurrences of rape and assault against females in the whole world have increased drastically. Violence against women is a serious violation of women’s human right.


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