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    5 Jokes About the Environment

    20 months ago

    Discussing the environment can get heated, overwhelming, and downright depressing. Maybe it is time to take a break from the serious stuff about the environment. Let’s try to get some laughs out of the planet. Here are five jokes about the...

  • 77

    Writing a Business Letter to Deliver Bad News (With Examples)

    9 months ago

    Sometimes in business, you simply cannot avoid writing a letter that has bad news. However, you can try to write the letter in such a way as to maintain a good relationship with the recipient.

  • 25

    Make Your Own Instrument - Pan Pipes

    12 years ago

    Pan pipes are instruments that date far back into history, even figuring into the mythological story of Pan. The pipe is often used in folk music, providing a harmonica-like flute sound. The traditional panpipe has about ten pipes, but it will be...

  • 13

    Weird Teen Movies

    12 years ago

    I’m sure you can find tons of articles and websites about funny, sad, great, awful, and scary teen movies, but that isn’t what you will find here. This is about those weird teen movies, with the weird teenagers that, oddly, many of us can...

  • 12

    How to Write a Blues Poem

    13 years ago

    Naturally, blues poetry has its roots in music. It is a form that reaches into the experiences and histories of African Americans. The early blues poems were actually sung by slaves working out in fields. They involved a call from one person,...

  • 14

    A Poetry Formula with 20 Requirements

    13 years ago

    Writing form poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is reading it. However, I am a firm believer that the best poets have conquered the forms before reinventing them into new, breathtaking poems. Of course, it is possible that I have been...

  • 75

    Five Poetry-Writing Exercises

    16 months ago

    Exercises to help get you started writing poetry.

  • 27

    How to Make a Chapbook - An Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide

    13 years ago

    A chapbook is a hand-stitched pamphlet. In the colonial United States, street peddlers called chapmen sold chapbooks, which contained religious messages, political opinions, poetry, and popular pieces of literature. Today, chapbooks are stilled used...

  • 5

    Chinese Jump Rope

    13 years ago

    Today, children all over the world play versions of Chinese Jump Rope. The game has been traced back to being played by children in 7th century China. The Chinese New Year and other traditional festivals include a lot of folk customs,...

  • 29

    Mean Practical Jokes

    13 years ago

    If you ask me how I know about these pranks, I won’t tell. My lips are sealed. Have I ever done any of these? Sorry, but I zipped my lips, locked ‘em, and threw away the key on this one. I suggest these mean practical jokes as something fun...

  • 66

    How to Knit a Scarf: An Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide

    4 years ago

    A beginner's guide to knitting a scarf. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to knit a homemade scarf with directions for knit and purl stitches, two easy scarf patterns, knitting terminology glossary, and valuable links to related sites.

  • 25

    How to Knit: Casting On

    4 years ago

    This is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to casting on for beginning knitters with pictures. The guide also acts as a good refresher for someone who has taken a break from knitting.

  • 39

    Homemade Valentine's Cards: A Fun Project for Kids

    18 months ago

    Valentine's Day holds special memories for me because my mom always spent time helping me make my own Valentines when I was a child. She taught me all of the techniques her own mother taught her. I never handed out store bought cards.

  • 99

    How to Make Paper - An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

    12 years ago

    Step-by-step guide to make handmade paper at home, with pictures included. Find fun, decorative ideas to embellish your homemade paper, as well as links to other paper loving sites.

  • 85

    How to Crochet: A Beginner's Guide

    8 days ago

    A beginner’s guide to crocheting with pictures and videos. Learn how to make a slip knot, hold a crochet hook, and make a chain. This guide teaches the four basic crochet stitches: single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet.

  • 23

    Couples and Mud Wrestling

    9 years ago

    Should couples mud wrestle with each other? Is it a bonding experience, or will it be a degrading experience?

  • 101

    How to Prepare & Cook Fresh Pumpkin

    13 months ago

    An easy guide to preparing and cooking pumpkin puree at home. Once you go fresh, you'll never go back.

  • 124

    Should You Keep Pictures of Your Ex?

    4 years ago

    Do you keep them, or not? A local radio station, here in Seattle, has Therapy Thursdays where they choose a listener's problem/question for other listeners to call in and give their advice about. A recent question was from a woman about to move in...

  • 22

    Touch Those Boobs for Healthy Breasts

    4 years ago

    The key to surviving breast cancer is early detection and treatment. By giving yourself a breast exam each month, you will notice if there are any changes in your breasts.


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