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Stacie Naczelnik is currently a law student in Seattle. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Seattle University. Born and raised in California, Stacie has also lived in Switzerland, New York, and Pennsylvania. She now lives in Seattle with her husband and two cats. When not studying (which is rare these days), Stacie enjoys writing about the things that interest her most: reading, writing, food, wine, and the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

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      • Wow, traffic!

        Wow, traffic!

        9 years ago

        So I went out of town this weekend and stayed far away from the computer.  No checking my email, hubpages stuff, nothing.I just logged on to the computer, and was in for a nice surprise: one of my hubs totally took...

      • What's that word?

        What's that word?

        9 years ago

        You know when your mind totally blanks?  Yeah, I'm having one of those moments.  So, I'm looking for a word.  It means people who are following an event, watching a match, etc.  I think it starts...

      • Friday Jokes

        Friday Jokes

        9 years ago

        An American visiting in England asked at the hotel for the elevator.The portiere looked a bit confused but smiled when he realized what the man wanted."You must mean the lift," he said."No," the...

      • Work Sucks

        Work Sucks

        9 years ago

        Why can't I be a full time hubber?

      • When Hubbers Spam

        When Hubbers Spam

        9 years ago

        I don't know if they realize they are doing it or not (I'm sure some don't realize they are spamming), but I'm particularly annoyed when a hubber sends out self-promotional messages and comments.  I consider these...

      • An Interesting Ending

        An Interesting Ending

        9 years ago

        This is the last week of an intense medical treatment my husband has been going through for a year.Whew.Anyone who has gone through treatment, or anyone who has lived with a loved one going through any major treatment,...

      • Link Capsule Problems

        Link Capsule Problems

        10 years ago

        Is anyone else having problems with link capsules tonight?  No matter which website I try to add a link to (hubpages or other), I am told "Site does not exist or is down."I have tried various sites. ...

      • Hubbers Who Blog

        Hubbers Who Blog

        10 years ago

        I have a question for those of you who blog.  Do you like to have more than one post on a page?  I would love to hear why or why not, pros/cons, etc.I have a couple of blogs...some I feel work with multiple...

      • A Class with David Wagoner

        A Class with David Wagoner

        10 years ago

        I'm really excited!  I just got an email telling me that I got a scholarship I applied for at a local writing/community place.  So, I'm taking a class taught by David Wagoner.  I've met him before, but...

      • The Portrayal of Women

        The Portrayal of Women

        10 years ago

        Has anyone else followed the story about the pregnant U.S. Marine who went missing in December?  They found her body.  The entire story is really sad.What really bothers me is that late last week, the news did...

      • Stacie's 100th Hub, Come Toot My Horn

        Stacie's 100th Hub, Come Toot My Horn

        10 years ago

        Hi fellow hubbers!At the risk of spawning the wrath of those who hate forum posts that try to get people to read a hubber's hub...hee hee hee...I just want to toot my own horn.  I just published my 100th hub. ...

      • Cats Run My House

        Cats Run My House

        9 years ago

        Well, I'm awake right now because my two cats decided to wake me up.  The ran around, jumped, climbed, and knocked things down until I finally got up.I have two: Benny and Freya.  They are very sweet and...

      • Text Box Issues

        Text Box Issues

        10 years ago

        Is anyone else having issues tonight?  When I save anything in a text box, it doesn't save.  The box remains empty.  I've tried it a few times, but nothing will work.  I always use Firefox.

      • Unusual traffic source?

        Unusual traffic source?

        10 years ago

        Has anyone ever heard of sitegadgets.com?  I have had 67 from them in the last 24 hours (and lifetime) on my Healthy Thanksgiving Cupcakes hub. I went to the site, but it looked kind of sketchy.  Anyone know...

      • Printable Hubs?

        Printable Hubs?

        10 years ago

        I've been asked by readers quite a bit lately if there is a way to print the hubs--particularly with recipes, but a few since posting my How to Crochet hub last night.I remember bringing this up before, and it was on...

      • Amazon Referrals...Finally!

        Amazon Referrals...Finally!

        10 years ago

        Seriously, I finally got my first referral!  I thought it would never happen, but it did.

      • Hey, Poets!

        Hey, Poets!

        10 years ago

        Do you Haiku?I'm trying to create a Hub Haiku:Home of the Hub HaikuWhat do you think?  Do you accept the challenge?

      • Hubbers on Facebook

        Hubbers on Facebook

        9 years ago

        Okay, so I know there are Hubbers on MySpace, but I couldn't find anything on Facebook, so I started a group:http://seattleu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6265441330Come & join.  We can post links there to our...

      • Trouble with Stumble Upon?

        Trouble with Stumble Upon?

        10 years ago

        I haven't been able to submit any hubpages to stumble upon for the last few days.  I get so far as pushing the "submit" button, but then it never loads.  I can stumble other pages that are not...

      • I know it's silly, but I'm sad!

        I know it's silly, but I'm sad!

        10 years ago

        I got my first "thumbs down" today.  Two of them actually...on the same day, in the same block of a few hours.I know it's silly, but I'm still kind of bummed.  I had all of these thumbs ups, no...

      • Stumble Upon

        Stumble Upon

        10 years ago

        Okay, so I'm still new to this whole hub/stumble/diggit stuff.  Most of what I know I've learned from my fellow hubbers.  But, I submitted one of my hubs to stumble this afternoon, and I've had 101 views from...

      • How are my fellow hubbers?

        How are my fellow hubbers?

        10 years ago

        I'm confined in bed recovering from having my wisdom teeth out yesterday...hopped up on drugs that make me sleepy.  Thought I'd say "hi" during one of my lucid moments, so: hi! How is everyone doing?