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I'm no one special, really. I'm a mature (that's the term these days, right?) woman with a husband and a blended family (one daughter of my own, two bonus daughters), two cats, and a ferret. Neither I nor my husband are working at the moment, having both been laid off in the spring of '09, three weeks apart. Our two oldest girls are entering 8th grade, the youngest is going into 4th. I am pursuing a second BA, this time in Health Care Administration (GPA 4,0 at present) with a public administration specialization. I intend to pursue a Master's in PHIT at UI-Chicago next year, after I graduate.

In the meantime, I'm active at SparkPeople as a team leader and blogger, I'm a fledgling runner (go, C25K!), I'm deep into writing research papers for my degree (a paper a week for the current course), and I spend far too much time on Facebook.

If I tell you more here, I'll have nothing left to say in my hub--so aur revoir, auf Weidersehen, hasta la vista, and arrivederci for the time being!

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