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Stavros Mastrogiannis is a sustainable weight loss coach. He is the owner of Live Your Way Thin personal training and coaching center in Danbury, Connecticut and the creator of Live Thin Stay Thin, an online sustainable weight loss program. His is also an author of four books on the subject of weight loss and diet. He has been working in the weight loss field for over 22 years. He lived in Greece before moving to the United States in 1987, where he was immersed in a culture that embraced a healthy lifestyle. After moving to the U.S., he continued to visit Greece every year. Over time, he observed changes in eating habits, exercise and daily living, resulting in a weight problem similar to that in the U.S. At age 21, he made the decision to shift gears from a pursuit of preparing fine cuisine to the weight loss and fitness profession, where he could make a difference in peoples’ lives.

When he first entered into the fitness field, it became very obvious to him that with most diets and weight loss programs people regained the weight back, so the two questions he asked early on in his new career were, “Why do most people regain the weight back?” and, “How can I help people lose weight in a way that will enable them to keep it off for life?” He dedicated his fitness career to finding the answer to sustainable weight loss.

That dedication has paid off because today he has become the authority in sustainable weight loss and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about the subject that he does. What enabled him to come up with the answer, where other weight loss experts had tried and failed was because of his upbringing. Unlike most other weight loss experts, his position on weight loss, health and nutrition was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom or online. He had the good fortune to have been raised on a Greek island where, at the time he lived there, people lived long healthy lives, thin was the norm, cancer was a rare disease and people in their 90s lived productive lives. His upbringing gave him a unique perspective which led him to question many of the things he learned in school about weight loss, nutrition and health - and caused him to take a different path from most other weight loss experts. That unique life experience gave him an insight on weight loss, nutrition and health that very few weight loss experts have, and helped answer the question of how to lose weight and keep it off for life.

He strongly believes that, given the right tools and with the right approach, sustainable weight loss and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle are goals that anyone can achieve. Stavros is not your typical fitness trainer, he does not believe in the no-pain-no gain mentality, and he definitely does not believe in strict diets as the way to lose weight and get in shape. If hard workouts and strict diets worked, we would have been in great shape by now, because that is what most fitness professionals are preaching. Basically, just like the average American, He is not a “fitness nut”. He understands that most people do not love exercising and are not ready to clear their cupboards of every last morsel of junk food just like him. The good news is that you don’t have to exercise that much, and you don’t have to eat the perfect diet to lose weight and be healthy.

His approach to fitness and weight loss stresses the importance of developing a realistic regimen of exercise and proper nutrition that can be maintained for a lifetime of good health. His exceptional understanding of the weight problem, and with his unique approach to solving it, he has been able to teach hundreds of people how to effectively lose weight and keep it off, even when other trainers and diet plans have failed.

Stavros has organized many fitness and weight loss events including the Danbury Weight Loss Challenge in 2004 and he partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the Get In Shape for 2007 Challenge.

He hold an A.O.S. Degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute of America. He received a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and held numerous certifications, including CPR, Nutrition Specialist, and ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. But what helped him the most to come up with the sustainable solution to the weight problem was simply observing and studying healthy regions around the world including the healthy region where he grew up.

There are hundreds of weight loss experts out there but when it comes to sustainable weight loss Stavros Mastrogiannis is the authority.

NOTE: Stavros Mastrogiannis lives in Danbury, CT. He is available for workshops and speaking presentations in the following topics: Sustainable Weight Loss, Resistance Training, Exercise Motivation, Proper Nutrition. For more information and for availability send an email



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