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Carol Fisher (Stazjia)

Joined 6 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

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    Collectible and Antique Teddy Bears

    5 years ago

    Old teddy bears are not just loved by their owners, now they are highly sought by collectors too with over £100,000 British Pounds being paid for one notable bear. Learn about collecting them.

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    And The Ladies Of The Club

    6 years ago

    This is one of my all time favourite historical novels. At over 1000 pages, it must be as I've read it twice. It's a story of life in 19th century small town America.

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    Moonflowers: Night-Blooming Plants

    19 months ago

    It's rare to find a beautiful flower that blooms at night, so the moonflower is a real pleasure for anybody who has them in their gardens.

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    Raspberries - My Favorite Fruit

    6 years ago

    Raspberries are a good reason to look forward to summer. They are one of the most delicious of fruit and good to eat straight from the pesticide-free bush or as part of a lovely dessert.

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    A Beginner's Guide to Art Nouveau

    3 years ago

    Art Nouveau is a distinctive and easily recognised style once you grasp the principles and ideas behind it. This guide aims to help you do that.

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    Should Art & Antiques be Restored or Not?

    6 years ago

    When is restoring a work of art vandalism or preservation? Is there a difference between preservation and conservation. A well-known English art dealer thinks there is and argues his case.

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    Traditional British Recipes

    6 years ago

    These are the kinds of dishes most of us in Britain were brought up on until the advent of ready meals. Even now, many British people still love the meals.

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    Who Are London Cockneys?

    6 years ago

    Now that Bow Bells no longer ring out to define the limit of where a Cockney can be born, who qualifies? Perhaps being a Cockney is an attitude and way of life so any Londoner can be a Cockney.

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    Tower of London

    5 years ago

    The Tower of London is on almost every visitor's itinerary. It is probably the most famous of London's many landmarks. Its macabre and blood-stained thousand year history just adds to its attractions.

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    Collecting Thimbles, Old and New

    6 years ago

    Thimbles are popular collectables. They come in many different materials: gold, silver, base metals, pottery and porcelain and, nowadays, plastic. Their history is interesting too.

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    Traditional Christmas Pudding

    2 years ago

    Here in the UK, most people will at least eat a small portion of traditional Christmas pudding on Christmas Day. It's quite an acquired taste but it smells and tastes of Christmas to us Brits.

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    The Historic City of Bath, England

    6 years ago

    The city of Bath, in the south-west of England, is famous for its Roman Baths and other Roman remains as well as its elegant Georgian architecture.


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