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Sterling's favorite pastime is to spend as much time as possible out doors doing what he loves. Whether that be fishing, boating or hiking over trails to see waterfalls and overlooks.

It was hard spending as much time outdoors as he wanted while working a full time 40 hour a week job. So he decided to take control of his destiny, free up some time and live the life he wanted to live.

Sterling had to take a new approach if he wanted to have the sucess that he had hoped and the time freedom he longed for.

Now Sterling markets health/wellenss and beauty products through the internt in many different countries.

This new approach has people searching for him and asking him, "Where can I buy these products?"

Realizing that this approach is so much better than playing cat and mouse with people he meets everyday and realizing that others can greatly benefit from this information has lead Sterling down another path.

Sterling now teaches others how they can build an internet business with the company and products of their choice so that they too can have the life they always desired.

If you are struggleing with or have questions about how to market your MLM company feel free to ask Sterling for help.

Sterling knows that by teaching you how to use the right tools and knowing just a few simple steps to take, you too can realize the dreams that you have for yourself and your family.

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