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Steven Pevach has two boys ages 8 and 9. He also look after his 5 yr old niece. He has limbgerdal musclular dystrophy, his oldest son has down syndrome and he's currently a stay at home father. A few of his hobbies are fishing, metal detecting and foraging. Steve's a Christian, his personality type is mediator, which means he's intorverted, intuitivee, creative, idealistic, passionate and energetic.

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  • The Third Temple Masonic Connection

    The Third Temple Masonic Connection

    13 months ago

    King Solomon’s Temple is heavily embedded into Freemasonry, even though there is no archaeological evidence of it's existence. Does this not mean that Freemasonry is actually a religion?

  • The Indian Recreated

    The Indian Recreated

    12 months ago

    By deconstructing the three predominant stereotypes of Indigenous people I will expose the lies perpetuated by film and how it affects real Indigenous people.

  • Genetically Modified World

    Genetically Modified World

    13 months ago

    Are we at the threshold of genetically enhanced humanity? Should we be playing God?

  • UN Control Over Internet

    UN Control Over Internet

    13 months ago

    It appears to be the mundane task of assigning parking spots on the Internet, but is it really? What is the UN control over the Internet about and whom does it benefit?

  • Stop Russias Propaganda

    Stop Russias Propaganda

    13 months ago

    Do you believe Russia's media should be banned? The EU does.

  • Christians Prepare For The End

    Christians Prepare For The End

    13 months ago

    The holly spirit within us leads us to obey God. Those who won’t try to obey God, are not filled with the spirit of Christ. We’re not perfect but we are persistent.

  • Trump Isn’t Even Christian

    Trump Isn’t Even Christian

    13 months ago

    “How can a President not be an actor?” ~Ronald Reagan

  • Foraging for Fun

    Foraging for Fun

    13 months ago

    If you love nature and spending time outdoors this is the hobby for you. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the foraging I do and the hikes my children & I go on.

  • Victim Blaming

    Victim Blaming

    13 months ago

    When others are suffering what are some contributing factors that cause people to lash out at a Victim? What triggers people to be judgmental & indifferent to others who are in crisis situations?

  • Steelhead Fishing on the Skeena River

    Steelhead Fishing on the Skeena River

    14 months ago

    Every year my family takes a trip to Hazelton, BC, where I catch coho, chinook, sockeye, and steelhead. My wife is from the Gitxan Nation, whose name means people of the Skeena River.

  • My Writers Block

    My Writers Block

    14 months ago

    Writing garbage is hard writing good garbage is harder but I’m not sure which type of garbage I write. If I try hard to write like everyone else I think I can fool them & maybe blend in & join them.

  • Ugg! What's The Difference Australia?

    Ugg! What's The Difference Australia?

    13 months ago

    Most replica Ugg Astralia boots have a stamp and they also have all the other details a real Ugg Astralia boot does. So is there anyway to tell the real Ugg Australia from the replica by appearance?

  • Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Replicas Online.

    Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Replicas Online.

    14 months ago

    I will share some tips on buying designer inspired clothes online. Years ago I began buying clothes from China. The more I purchased the less I’d pay so I began buying them for friends and family.