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Hi folks ..my name is Steve .i live in the south of france,but work and do most of my business in the uk and USA..I am passionate about helping our environment ,and want to make cheap alternative energy available to all,no matter where you live or who you are ..
I am British ..engineer by trade mostly access controll and cctv ..
In my younger days i lived in denmark where i worked for a company that at the time built the biggest wind turbines in the world,hence my interest ..i also own the company Windselect ltd .
I started this company because i wanted to do something to help our environment ,and i thought the best way is to help the little man ..ie all of us everyday folk ..but the prices were so high for an individual to become more self sufficient ,so i decided we should build our own at a price that people could afford and if they couldnt well we could help them there as well..
My aim is this year to be able to give away as many wind turbines and solar panels as possible to people who deserve or need them anywhere in the world.
And hopefully this will raise enough money to do this ..
I want the public to write in and tell me about people or places organisations.that could benefit from this ,i will then let you decide who gets what by voting for who you think should get our help..
You can help by buying something no matter how small .10%of all the profit will go towards a new project and you will decide where and what it is ..so come on lets get green ..Every month we will do a kitty update and all of that money will be used to wind turbines solar panels ..our fitters and instalers will instal for free..steve g
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