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I have written a couple articles( What Would You Do To Make Your Dreams Come True? and Perfection Vs. Excellence In A Home-Based Business) which reader's have mentioned in the comments section have given them courage to take the "success journey" either here at HubPages or with some other opportunity they are interested in.

Earning decent money at Hubpages takes a few years of quality, consistent effort producing original articles that benefit the reader and are written in an easy to understand and gramatically correct form. Articles should ideally be 700 words or more.

Articles that are several 1000 words are fine as long as the time needed to consistently produce them doesn't lead to burnout or prevent you from producing the maximum amount of articles in the minimum amount of time. I have noticed several authors who always produced very high quality, but very long articles are no longer writing at HubPages.

Earning money through producing quality articles allows me to leverage time. What this means is that my income continues to increase but I am still spending the same 8 hours per week to write new articles.

To learn more about how to become successful as a HubPages author read my article entitled How to Make A Consistent, Healthy Income Writing Hubs At HubPages.

I know you are probably thinking making money at Hubpages takes too long, and you might not make any money. You certainly won't if you don't try. The first step towards success is to take action rather than procrastinate. Every great and worthwhile journey takes time and effort and starts with a single step.

If you want to make a good income writing articles you will need to work towards excellence. Becoming excellent at writing and promoting your articles takes time and effort. There are no short cuts. You know the old saying "practice makes perfect." In addition, there are other, more important benefits to consider. You have an opportunity to become known as an expert in the area you choose to study and help many people find what they are looking for.

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