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I am aspiring comic. I've been wanting to become a comic since elementary school. It's even in my elementary schools yearbook under my name for, " Grown Up Career" (Yes that will be one of my storys for E! True Hollywood Stories). I love to write. It's kind of like an addiction. Like to throw my opinions out there and it is always blissful when people enjoy to read what you write.

I want to leave a legacy behind. I want to be that comic a 8 year old sees on T.V. and remembers that single moment when he's 21 going for a dream as a comedian in NYC, LA, and hell even Des Moines. THAT was the moment he realized he wanted to be a comic. I want him to have a picture on his phone or a poster on his wall of me like I do of John Belushi. I want to inspire young comics because I remember and go through going up to a comic you appreciate it and he brushes you off. I don't blame them you know how many times aspired comics go up to these guys and say, " Wow! You were great!", " I follow you on Twitter!", or " You made me want to BE A COMIC!". Billions of times.

I just want to give them that push. I want to be on SNL. It's a childhood dream of mine. If it doesn't happen, It wasn't meant to be, but if it does...life is a REALLY crazy dance. I want to suprise my dad one day in Portugal with his dream car. I hope you enjoy my hubs and may you conquer what you want in life. Peace...BITCHES (I didn't meant it)!

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