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    Limericks of Our Lives – COV-ID19

    13 months ago

    To add my two pence worth to the plethora of COV-ID19 articles I have attempted to put the information into Limerick form. It began well but later in the article the limericks became more like stanzas in a very meaningful but disjointed poem. I hope some will approve of my efforts.

  • Percent (%) Made Easier

    Percent (%) Made Easier

    13 months ago

    Percentage calculations are often avoided by those who are more predisposed towards non-number subjects. Percents can be calculated by various methods without understanding the math behind the answer. Arithmetic-averse folk should choose a method they are comfortable with and use it confidently.

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    Limericks of Our Lives - Electric

    13 months ago

    Limericks are normally fun, even nonsensical, "and that's why we love 'em". Having retired from 45+ years in a technical field, I thought that I would attempt to mix some education with the frivolity and, if not actually to teach, at least to remind readers about electric terms and safety issues.

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    Limericks III of Our Lives

    16 months ago

    Continuing my planned series of of real life, day to day, commonly-encountered, strange, and extreme situations that we can find ourselves in, here are some recollections jotted down in limerick form in both serious and semi-nonsense modes. I hope that you approve.

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    Rudyard Kipling’s “Mandalay” – a Personal Analysis

    17 months ago

    Mandalay is high among my favorite poems and, I would guess, is fairly high in any collection. My personal analysis, and defense of the poem, is given below from an open-minded point of view without the modern political, somewhat embarrassed-Colonial era, and modern gender-bashing of the composition

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    What Does "dB" Mean? (History and Use of Decibels)

    4 months ago

    The dB (deciBel) symbol is mentioned in the specifications sections of user manuals for radio and audio equipment, cellphones, and loudspeakers. The dB is explained here along with conversion methods between related parameters.

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    1ppm – Have You Ever Wondered What 1ppm Means?

    17 months ago

    ppm is mentioned in many user manual specifications sections of appliances, gadgets, and materials. Why should this be? Why not use per cent (%) or even decimal fractions? ppm is important for accuracy and for safety reasons and is explained here along with conversion methods between the parameters.

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    8 ÷ 2(2 + 2) = 1 and Only 1. The Sad Legacy of Calculator Dependence.

    17 months ago

    Modern day calculator dependence is enabling a consensus to alter long-known, tried and tested, math guidelines, such as PEMDAS/BODMAS, and is applying them them as strict rules instead. My article proves that 8 ÷ (2 + 2) = 1 with or without calculators.

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    Men Can Be Abused Too

    18 months ago

    Wanton violence is wrong. Violence from a once trusted partner is even more wrong whether it's male-on-female or the darker female-on-male type. It was many years before authorities designated domestic violence as a crime. It will be more years before they truly accept that men can also be abused.

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    How To Reduce Electricity Bills by Turning off and Unplugging Devices

    12 months ago

    With ever more electronic game consoles, gadgets, appliances, tools, and other items in the home, knowing how to reduce the amount of electricity used per day can mean savings of up to £/$150 each year.

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    Converting Number Systems

    18 months ago

    Converting between digital binary words and decimal, octal, or hexadecimal number systems, for human use, is essential to understand the inner workings of the vast tech world of gaming, gadgets, computers, and computerized most things. I describe the best ways to perform these tasks.

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    Limericks II of Our Lives

    17 months ago

    Continuing my, possible, series of real life, day to day, situations that I encounter and have the time to journal them in the form of semi-nonsense limericks since my retirement.

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    8 ÷ 2(2 + 2) The Viral Equation Has Only One Answer and That Is 1 Not 16

    18 months ago

    The Viral Equation 8 ÷ 2(2 + 2) has only one answer and that is 1 not 16. PEMDAS and BODMAS are being incorrectly applied to this equation by the proponents of 16 as a result, probably due to calculators and spreadsheets applying incorrect rules and not being challenged many years ago.

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    On the 11th of the 11th say "Lest We Forget"

    17 months ago

    We cannot glorify war nor the questionable conclusions made by politicians at times of crisis nor the debatable decisions made by commanders in the field of conflict and certainly not the difficult choices facing armed combatants of both sides at the battle front. The poppy is for remembrance.

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    Limericks of Our Lives

    17 months ago

    A set of limericks about my personal life stage, of 'enforced' retirement, that reflect my thoughts, my feelings, and my experiences, and that can affect us all at various times. I hope that you approve..


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