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HI everyone! I guess you can tell I love CATS...Don't You? I been trying to keep my Hubs informative and interesting. I appreciate the comments and interest.

Why did I choose the name Stop Barking Dog? I do love dogs too...I had a sutuation where I was kept up nightly by a barking dog...I talked to the owner and He simple said...I've tried everything and he won't stop barking. That's what orginally inspired the name. Thankfully they moved away.

What really inspired me to be so passionate about cats was my Daughters Cat "Bargara". A beautiful Black Cat...Who has passed away last month...I am planning on writing a Hub about...Cat Death and Saying Goodbye.

I just can't get the urge at this time...I loved "Bargara" very much...And she is greatly missed!

If you have a Cat story to share contact me...And I would be very happen to share it with my readers in the form of a Hub.

Do you have a question or topic you would like more information on about your cat? I would be very happy to try find that information for you.

Or you could just ask a question about cats.

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