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  • Now All Requests Have Passed

    Now All Requests Have Passed

    5 months ago

    There is nothing left in the failing life, everything is getting lost.Everything passed moment by moment in the small stages of life one more year each hope kept turning in to disappointment,the same fate,the same reward all to words the end.

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    My Beautiful Hope

    10 months ago

    Not a small pathetic prayer in the vast .expanse that has no justification.But it takes an era or a century to complete.

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    Fading hopes moment by moment

    11 months ago

    It is not possible to achieve my goal even if I go with the times. Every time it slips out of hand,in the world of hopes ,what remains is left and the feeling makes the memory zero.

  • I Am Confused in Life

    I Am Confused in Life

    12 months ago

    Long destination my journey but hope happy day

  • Woman's Freedom

    Woman's Freedom

    20 months ago

    Woman, you are not an idol of limitless power,you have no alternative,you are perfect and wonderful, you are supernatural on this earth.

  • I Am Hurt More Than What Is Said in Words

    I Am Hurt More Than What Is Said in Words

    22 months ago

    There is a lot to be learner from the dreadful scene of sorrows, but remembering them does not end everything.with new dreams and visions of the future,one has to reawaken with new dimensions.

  • I am happy on this achievement

    I am happy on this achievement

    22 months ago

    In the happiness of one year, my new poem is happy that I have become active in this way too, I do not have any writing Venter here, I am not writing so well.but try it sometime it will be successful.

  • I Want to Be Free From Bondage

    I Want to Be Free From Bondage

    22 months ago

    In any way I want to be free from my free shackles,I want to be free from every desire for my beautiful and my life.

  • Feelings Know Someone Is Your Own

    Feelings Know Someone Is Your Own

    2 years ago

    Waiting for happiness in life it self, one who listens from.Heart to mind and then the box of words of my heart opens and flows with someone.

  • When I Am Away From Destination

    When I Am Away From Destination

    2 years ago

    Your destination was difficult but you worked tirelessly, your journey was a successful journey, the destination was far away from that.But you have tried more than the maximum.

  • Unique Creation of God

    Unique Creation of God

    2 years ago

    Here she is helpless on your priceless creation, it is unbearable, in every way she is in trouble, no one is able to recognize her and understand her.she is praying compassionately oh God call me from this earth.

  • Why Am I Silent?

    Why Am I Silent?

    2 years ago

    It is better to be silent than to speak in loneliness, some may not be good or even bad.change yourself better than resist.

  • That Mysterious World Is Lost

    That Mysterious World Is Lost

    2 years ago

    Imagining what cannot be and wishing for a world that became a mystery.But such a mystery that has been lost somewhere in the layers of time.

  • I Can't Write Anything Now

    I Can't Write Anything Now

    2 years ago

    I am not getting tired now that even after trying, if nothing happens, why should the thief keep the illusion and give it to everyone?

  • A Small but Hard Desire

    A Small but Hard Desire

    2 years ago

    My desire is big which is not fulfilled with no effort because I am losing my self.nothing happens when your life ends.

  • A mistake that ended everything

    A mistake that ended everything

    2 years ago

    A mistake which gives us the process of learning something that you should not do this again and before doing anything, think about life, you will not get it again.

  • Open Sky From a Window

    Open Sky From a Window

    2 years ago

    It is small but there is a lot of power in It, it is visible on the far right, the power to take a lot and try to fly.

  • I Wish It Was Not so Much

    I Wish It Was Not so Much

    2 years ago

    I wish you were not like this, why should you expect from someone, you yourself are capable, what can be gained from what is not worth giving.let everyone be yourself be carefree and happy.

  • I Am No Longer Sure of the Light

    I Am No Longer Sure of the Light

    2 years ago

    Some where now the bright ray dreams have been lost, some where in deep sleep everything happened, now it is not going to end, there is no hope of any hope, not much time has passed now there is no waiting.

  • Beautiful but Some Pain

    Beautiful but Some Pain

    2 years ago

    Change yourself everything does not happen automatically, everything gets better by doing something. No one supports anyone, only your own power comes out of you from bad days.

  • The search is not over yet

    The search is not over yet

    2 years ago

    Looking for a lot and trying to get it, don't give up, do nothing life.what a lost person he should do something and fill happiness in his life.

  • Who Said Things Unheard

    Who Said Things Unheard

    2 years ago

    Have to say anything but no one is close to whom .whoever is away from you, has no attachment to much to say for myself but no one for me it is not like that someone says about his heart, but with whom he can tell many things.

  • Imagine a Happy Moment

    Imagine a Happy Moment

    2 years ago

    The past doesn't come again, the memory just gets sad, remembering a lot, make those moments life, only the happy memory is right, the moment of your life.

  • I Am Not a Famous Writer

    I Am Not a Famous Writer

    2 years ago

    Right now I am just trying and whether something happens or not is in the hands of luck or time.whether I succeed or fail, everything depends on nature,I am working, the result is not in my hands.

  • Lost My Existence

    Lost My Existence

    2 years ago

    The mind was fickle before,now everything has become serious.I don't know why this life is not so difficult.we can't impose our blame on others.can't blame others for your life.happens as it is not to be thought.

  • My Mother Is Different

    My Mother Is Different

    2 years ago

    My mom didn't like showing off like everyone else.she was a woman of simplicity.she always thought of others.Never used to give false praise to children.It was his job to give to others, so he had many friends my mother is so different.

  • End of human sufferning

    End of human sufferning

    2 years ago

    The darkness in thick, the road is very difficult.It's on but It's not very difficult, the way is easy.Tired now maybe there is no light.

  • Magic Childhood

    Magic Childhood

    2 years ago

    Childhood was like magic and every moment full of magic.Now think if there were some days or fairy land.Just the memories and the things that make the mind happy.I don't know whether it was days or a dreams know those days were childhood.

  • New Way

    New Way

    2 years ago

    No,think of others,now make away, live for yourself,never live for anyone, don't be sad for yourself go ahead.

  • Struggle Your Story

    Struggle Your Story

    2 years ago

    Human, you are not afraid of blows, you are unlimited, move ahead with your thoughts.Doing the difficult paths, the posture praises his path because you are the souls.

  • Little Fairy

    Little Fairy

    9 months ago

    Little angel flower like you, You are the basis of new life. You are the ocean of joy. You dream world. You the axis of life.You are small but unlimited. Have a confluence of feelings.You are the mirror of mother's treasure the joy of mother.You are prayed by mother's god.


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