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  • Reflections of Insanity ~ 15 Songs to Breakdown to....

    Reflections of Insanity ~ 15 Songs to Breakdown to....

    9 years ago

    Webster's Dictionary defines the word Insane to mean mentally disordered: exhibiting insanity. Feeling as though you'd like to pull the shades and shroud yourself in black? Are those voices arguing amongst themselves...

  • Ten Classically Haunting Songs

    Ten Classically Haunting Songs

    9 years ago

    We all have those moments.... when we feel a need to listen to a song that's melancholy and deeper than the usual tunes ruling the commercial airwaves. Songs that are haunting are always memorable. Some transport,...

  • 20 Great Songs Featuring the Piano

    20 Great Songs Featuring the Piano

    3 months ago

    “No other acoustic instrument can match the piano's expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery.” Kenneth Miller Joe Jackson ~ Steppin' Out Timeless, well-written and one of understated...

  • The Parent/Child Connection ~ Astrologically Speaking

    The Parent/Child Connection ~ Astrologically Speaking

    9 years ago

    The Parent/Child Connection (Astrologically Speaking) ARIES The Aries as a parent is a bit controlling. Although they mean well, it is of the utmost importance to them to see their child achieve greatness. Sometimes...

  • The Charismatic Capricorn Man

    The Charismatic Capricorn Man

    9 years ago

    The Capricorn Man December 22 ~ January 20 Extreme ambition is your first sign you're dealing with the elusive Capricorn Man. The ultimate loner is how the world views this man of few words, but alas, not fairly so....

  • The Sexy Taurus Man

    The Sexy Taurus Man

    12 months ago

    When you first meet a Taurus Man, you immediately realize you're standing in the presence of someone very special.

  • The Virtuous Virgo Woman

    The Virtuous Virgo Woman

    16 months ago

    The Virtuous Virgo Woman August 23 ~ September 23 Seeking an innocent, demure and pure virginal princess? The Virgo woman can sometimes make that first impression, only to quickly dissipate that notion into thin...

  • The Charming Cancer Man

    The Charming Cancer Man

    16 months ago

    The Charming Cancer Man June 22 ~ July 22 The Cancer Man is a mystery. A man of few words. A man so private that it may take a lifetime to lay claim to understanding him, and even then, it will be your word...

  • The Sublime Sagittarius Woman

    The Sublime Sagittarius Woman

    9 years ago

    November 22 ~ December 21 To explain the mind of a Sagittarius woman, you must first hold pen to paper. The details will become complex and defy sensibility. Her lovely smile and luminous skin will easily hypnotize....

  • The Awesome Aries Man

    The Awesome Aries Man

    16 months ago

    Excitement and chaos seem to go hand in hand when dealing with an Aries Man. Living life on the wild side seems a prerequisite to gaining his ardor and attention. The Aries Man must live big, you see, it's in his...

  • The Amazing Aquarius Man

    The Amazing Aquarius Man

    9 years ago

    The Aquarius Man January 20 ~ February 18 An extraordinary fellow who plays by his own set of rules. If you always expect the unexpected from this very sexy man, then you're already ahead of the pack. Remember the...