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  • Self Sacrifice, A Gift of Pleasure, or A Punishment Upon The Unworthy

    Self Sacrifice, A Gift of Pleasure, or A Punishment Upon The Unworthy

    5 years ago

    Today I dive deep into the sub-conscience mind of myself, and the audience. I will discuss how I perceive the sacred acts of kindness, and the double sword affect it can possess.

  • Mindful Nonsense

    Mindful Nonsense

    5 years ago

    A short poem about life's challenges in spacial love.

  • +Abandoned+


    6 years ago

    The blood of thy woman, peircing thine heart. Pulsing souls never to speak again, Burning flowers of affection, decayed to ash. Left without remorse, yet full of regret. The faint memory of what once was a moment together, Showing...

  • The Blood Of My Heart

    The Blood Of My Heart

    7 years ago

    Fires burn the inside thy flesh, Tormenting the flame of ones past. How soon is now the time to mesh, We show our love too full and fast. Pumped into thy veins full of life, Dost thou show thy true scent? Live love to...

  • Disc Golf Strategy

    Disc Golf Strategy

    7 years ago

    Disc Golf, one of the most entertaining, family oriented, cost effective games in the whole world. One of the great games to enjoy in any and every type of weather situation you can handle! Playing Disc Golf in the wind would be the hardest weather...

  • Time of Times

    Time of Times

    7 years ago

    You may believe in time or not, I do attest to believe in beliefs. Time is not a belief,its thought, time is just a thought of believing. Believe in what you think is time, time will always be there. Before your thoughts of time, and...

  • Enter The Breeze

    Enter The Breeze

    7 years ago

    Wind is all around us, Blowing through the air. Whipping leaves around us plus, laughing invisible, without a care. I despise the wind with all its thrust, Though not seeing it brings the great such lust. Trying to remember, it's playing...

  • Differentem


    7 years ago

    What difference does it make? We're Different every day, every chance we take, we hardly choose our way. We follow so we lead, its time now to be the star. Only ourselves we need, we all can venture far. What difference does it make...

  • Starse


    7 years ago

    The great unknown is shown.It beholds the black of night, Although I should have known,the stars shine all too bright. They have nothing to live on,they shine and then burn out .Do they really live on? The stars are all in doubt. I ask my...

  • Whispering Silence

    Whispering Silence

    7 years ago

    Silenced into the deep dark willows of the forest. Yes, the blackened trees whisper to each other as I pass by them with a blessed greeting. The air, full of mist with fire flies in mind, glowing to their lifestyle as if it were burned. A sudden...

  • The Biggest Job

    The Biggest Job

    7 years ago

    People find it very difficult in today's society to look and find the job they want and can appreciate. The fact is most of us want a job or career we can fit into, show the skills and talents we have in the workforce, and above all be given the...

  • Today In life.

    Today In life.

    7 years ago

    Google Hi I'm Dustin I'm back on the Hub Pages scene and wanted to open up a topic that I don't see many people talk a lot about online which is ourselves. So Today in life will mainly focus on who I am, what I stand for, and who I feel I have...

  • 10  Secret Things A Man Must Know About His Woman and Her Life

    10 Secret Things A Man Must Know About His Woman and Her Life

    7 years ago

    One very important subject to discuss is knowing your woman's mood. Just knowing how she feels without asking gives the reassurance to her that you know her best and is comforting on a lot of different levels. Most men are not aware of what bothers...

  • Should We All Play Video Games?

    Should We All Play Video Games?

    9 years ago

    The Way it Always should be Gold! Are You Worthy? We all know that video games stimulate the mind in a variety of ways. Some play video games for their enjoyment, but today times have changed. People like video games because it introduces family...

  • Food & How It Connects us

    Food & How It Connects us

    7 years ago

    Food connects us in many special unique ways. It has such a way that combines heart and soul and creative minds alike. Most cultures see food in very different ways. Some even think food replenishes ones mind and thought. Given as a gift it can be...

  • Why Is There Questions Constantly

    Why Is There Questions Constantly

    7 years ago

    Why do we always want to know about something do we feel like we need answers all the time on a consistent basis? We might always feel like there is something missing from a material world that we need to deliver from the spectral realm of our...

  • Is Fitness Really Worth It ?

    Is Fitness Really Worth It ?

    7 years ago

    Everyone wants to be healthy and stay healthy, but is that the only reason we stay healthy, is longevity? We Know that we can have a conditioned body with beneficial life span. So why is that most people don't exercise? Well in my opinion I think...

  • What Are We Searching For ?

    What Are We Searching For ?

    7 years ago

    Most people are in search of something, it can be very easily attainable or very hard to accomplish. We all want good things in our lives and people assume karma has a lot to do with it. I believe we have a lot to offer ourselves and others so we...

  • Hope & Faith

    Hope & Faith

    7 years ago

    Everyone wants to know about why we are here and where we end up in life at some point and time. What we do with ourselves and how we interact with people on a daily basis has a huge impact on the futures of other peoples lives to come. People in...


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