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    Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (3)

    3 years ago

    Pericles makes arrangements for Calypso to be sent to a mounted high columns for the first night of his marriage in order to save him from the prophesized attack of a lion to tear Calypso and his wife to death. Pericles's proud is risen when he finds the things happening according to his wishes.

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    Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (2)

    3 years ago

    Pericles takes the responsibility of Calypso to learn him swordsmanship, hunting and all the skills that a fighter needs to learn and practised. Calypso appears as a charming personality, skilled artist and a handsome young gallant.

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    Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (1)

    20 months ago

    The story revolves around a king who takes Apollo's prophecies as challenging. He does his best to change the boy's destiny, but in the end, he has to admit that whatever gods and goddesses will, is meant not to be changed using powers.

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    Granny's Tales: The Stories of Childhood: Saria and Maria's Tale

    3 years ago

    It is another great tale from my grandma's collection of bedtime stories. It is the story of two girls with different temperaments. Saria is an innocent and well behaved girl,whereas, Maria is a rude and impolite. Saria's soft behavior gets her life long comfort and Maria,ultimately,gets punished.

  • A Poem on a Persian Tale

    A Poem on a Persian Tale

    2 years ago

    It is a poetic version of a moral story by a Persian author, Abu-Muhammad Muslih al-Din bin Abdullah Sherazi, better known by his pen name, Saadi. The content tells that how in some situations, the lie is caused to save the lives, and the truth,sometimes,can not even win the hearts of its speakers.

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    2 Am Friend: A True Horror Story

    3 years ago

    This horror story is a real life observation of my uncle.He noticed certain paranormal happenings at a house where he stayed to attend the marriage ceremony of his first cousin.

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    Shh! Don't Look Back: A Horror Story

    3 years ago

    It's a short horror story. It's all about how four friends stucked in a haunted house. They just wanted to leave but the shadows of horror and the terror of the night swallowed them away.

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    Granny's Tales: The Stories of Childhood: Rupert's Wisdom

    3 years ago

    The short tale is one of the stories that i used to listen from my grandma. She had a collection of stories and i used to be very eager to visit my grandma's house.


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