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My name is Beata, and I'm a jewelry designer and business owner of Sezan Jewelry. I'm making handmade jewelry and worked in the jewelry business for a long time. I have a great experience in how to treat, wear and create perfect jewelries. I always personally choose the given gemstones and stones for our jewelries, because I really care about their effect on our body and soul. Our company's point of view is to create a new era of diamond jewelleries, where you find out which stone matches you at the first place, than the form and shape and design! If you are intersted in our works, you can find our shop on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/people/SezanJewellery

I'm also a big fan of pets, so you will find several articles from me on them too!

Besides that I live with my own pets and love them, I have a great experience about other pets also, beacuse I have been working in a pet shop too for a long time and have learnt a lot about the appropriate care of several species. I also love to help in rescue centers, so my intention with some of my hubs is to serve you with relevant information about your pets. Responsible pet care is really important to me, so I will try to serve you with as many information as possible!

Hope you will enjoy my articles and advices!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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  • The Basic Rules of Opal Jewelry Care

    The Basic Rules of Opal Jewelry Care

    4 years ago

    Opal gems are very rare and extremely beautiful! If you had an opal jewelry once, you probably have more by now, because we just can’t stand to collect them. They are really special, you can’t mix them up with any...