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  • Pulling Off A Preppy Style

    Pulling Off A Preppy Style

    10 years ago

    The preppy look utilizes bright bold colors, especially cyan. The look is clean, neat, and affluent. The stigma to looking preppy is one must be a snob, but wanting to look good, and show others that you feel happy...

  • Humor Around the World

    Humor Around the World

    10 years ago

    Jokes are a universal joy that humans have specially preserved in a specific art and form. Precision, synthesis, and wit are the key ingredients in making the perfect one liner. Contrary to the belief that the best...

  • A Brief History of Hygiene

    A Brief History of Hygiene

    10 years ago

    Brushing teeth, washing hands, and hot showers are a necessity in today's world where these hygienal rituals are performed daily. One would be gawked at if they were to come to work covered in grime, and grimaced at by...