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  • Pulling Off A Preppy Style

    Pulling Off A Preppy Style

    9 years ago

    The preppy look utilizes bright bold colors, especially cyan. The look is clean, neat, and affluent. The stigma to looking preppy is one must be a snob, but wanting to look good, and show others that you feel happy...

  • Essential Gear and Tips for Football Games

    Essential Gear and Tips for Football Games

    9 years ago

    Okay, so everyone is excited about the big game today. We have our tickets, and our transportation, but what do we need to bring? The items one will bring to a football game depends on the weather (the clothes we...

  • Humor Around the World

    Humor Around the World

    9 years ago

    Jokes are a universal joy that humans have specially preserved in a specific art and form. Precision, synthesis, and wit are the key ingredients in making the perfect one liner. Contrary to the belief that the best...

  • A Brief History of Hygiene

    A Brief History of Hygiene

    9 years ago

    Brushing teeth, washing hands, and hot showers are a necessity in today's world where these hygienal rituals are performed daily. One would be gawked at if they were to come to work covered in grime, and grimaced at by...