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The defining moment of my life came on a night when I was just eighteen years old.

I was with a friend who I had met on the road and we ended up in a little hippie mission off of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Ca. That night God in a way that was undeniable revealed to me that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Why he chose to reveal this to me I can not explain. I was a sinner and proud of it. I had been raised in a huge religion. I had been baptized, confirmed, and attended catechism classes, but I never knew Jesus. I had done stations of the cross, and confessions, and rosaries, and all the other traditions, but I never had an encounter with my Creator, until that night.

That night, after God revealed to me that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, I got on my knees and asked Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I felt the Lord cleanse me.

Since that day I have been a Christian. That was February 15th 1970. It is a day to be remembered. That is the day my life began.

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