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Tami Shaikh

Storyteller, Author and Activist

“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi

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  • Life,Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

    Life,Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

    2 years ago

    This year as I celebrated the 4th of July with parades and fireworks, many thoughts run through my head. Firstly what is Independence Day and what does it symbolize? It obviously meant something different to our...

  • Sole 2 Soul

    Sole 2 Soul

    2 years ago

    “Tami , please write my story, I would like to share it with the world” And they would start telling me their stories. People from every race, gender and economic background opened their hearts. I felt like it was...

  • Two Versions ..........

    Two Versions ..........

    5 years ago

    TO: MOMKNOWSBEST @HOTMAIL.COM Dear Mom, Hope everything is well with you. I'm so glad you've started to check your email; it makes life a lot easier! I know you’re not happy with my move but mom; this is something...

  • Love Life  Always

    Love Life Always

    5 years ago

    As I sit today and teach my child How to add and subtract, I feel my brain going wild When he doesn’t comprehend I explain, I repeat, I mumble, I exclaim But nothing seems to go in I see in his eyes...

  • Today and Tomorrow

    Today and Tomorrow

    5 years ago

    You were my friend And my foe Your love through my veins Continued to flow Because of you I cried And got to know The insides of my soul And my heart began to grow I achieved my dreams And threw away...

  • Sunrise............


    5 years ago

    Like the sun my soul rises each day Yet with the passage of time It also sets in a sad way My soul longs to be illuminated from inside But instead its too busy trying to be accepted By every other soul it...

  • Me the Woman

    Me the Woman

    6 years ago

    The tears fall and dry The smile comes and fades away Desire haunts but eventually leaves Loneliness befriends me each day Am I crazy Or is it just the woman in me...................... I see a butterfly...

  • Stories From the Heart

    Stories From the Heart

    19 months ago

    It was really windy. Taro sat with has hands on his eyes talking to the sand as usual. He asked them" Why do you blow so hard, you bother people and make their lives miserable, people can't see in this weather" ...