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Wife and mother, I've traveled and sung for Jesus all of my adult life. Over the last several years, I've settled into an active church life, finding new ways to glorify Him.

I enjoy helping others, singing, painting, and writing.

I hope you find something within my writings to uplift you; but always remember, God is ALL WE NEED!

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  • Mud Puddles, a Dragon, and a Giraffe

    Mud Puddles, a Dragon, and a Giraffe

    2 months ago

    My feet landed in the middle of the murky waters of my very own Mississippi mud hole. Splash-splash and ‘slop—slop, slurp,’ swished the water and mud as it lapped over my white sneakers. “Don’t get those new...

  • Where the Redbird Flies

    Where the Redbird Flies

    2 months ago

    Donald turned the key, his car started with a “Varoommm.” He crammed it into gear, speeding out of the dirt driveway into the green grass of Granny’s yard. Winding in and out of sheets flapping on the clothesline,...

  • Never Knowing What God Intended

    Never Knowing What God Intended

    7 months ago

    Never knowing what God intended, Or what wasn’t meant to be. I clasp your tiny hands in mine, And sorrowfully I weep. Mourning the life whose smile, I’ve never got to behold. Praising Him all the while,...

  • A Beautiful Praise to Thee

    A Beautiful Praise to Thee

    2 months ago

    What Your eyes have seen Could not my heart contain? The real beauty of thy Holiness The only One worthy of thy name Howbeit, thy love In ageless wonder flows In rivers of thy mercy, Thy grace...

  • Release Fear and Embrace God

    Release Fear and Embrace God

    2 months ago

    “I can understand your position, your fears. Through your fears, you are attempting to protect yourself from pain, disappointment, and heartache. I want you to understand when love is present; there should be no fear....