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Hi Everyone and welcome to my Profile. Have a seat (unless you already are, then stay seated lol) and get to know me a little bit.

My name is Tanisha, and I am 27 yrs old. I am currently a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. I love to spend much of my time with family and friends. I think most of my family and friends would describe me as a very humble individual, outgoing, the life of the party, loving and always up to something new. I am a very reserved person, but an open book at the same time. I love inviting people into my life and letting have a look at some my personal experiences, and getting to know me from me. I love music, cooking, football, going out and having fun. Anything that screams "FUN", I am always up for it.

This my first time ever blogging. Blogging has never been an idea for me to consider, just because I use to be that person who was always worried about what the next person had to say about me. But now that I am older, and have experienced so many different things, I'm just like I'm gonna be me and I don't care what others may have to say. For me, I feel like this would be a great way to express myself and learn some new things (which I love to I do. I love learningabout things I never knew before), and share my experiences with others.

Thanks for coming to my page.

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  • My Experience With Depression

    My Experience With Depression

    5 months ago

    This article is very personal for me. I pretty much open up about my experience with depression, and the reality of depression when you keep it hidden.