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    5 days ago

    "First, it learns about the world, it makes maps, reads books, does mathematical calculations; then it takes a break. When it wakes, it now wants to change the world."

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    7 days ago

    "After the war: gynecologists are still performing C-section surgeries in Iraq and Afghanistan; new babies are born regularly in these two countries — fathers are still taking the decision to have more than one child."

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    9 days ago

    "The machine is connected to a brain — and whatever the brain imagines, the machine makes it (The machine can make anything that the brain can think). Each point on the body of the machine dies after 80 years— and the machine recycles them."

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    Fountain and Pitchers

    13 days ago

    "You open your eyes After a deep and prolonged sleeping. Your eyes directly encounter a crowd of people who have come here from the desert: these people are thirsty — yet they have no tongues, and they an not speak. They have no hands, too."

  • 8

    The Psychic Appendicitis

    2 weeks ago

    "My father was a butcher; My uncle worked in the wastelands. I was a small clerk in a grocery store. There was no social security or health insurance in our country — and I had stage~I throat cancer;"

  • 7

    The Scrap~Metal Helicopter

    3 weeks ago

    'I pass my daytime in the dark well, exploring — by the nights, I work in my shop: I'm building a helicopter (from scrap metals). I must stay prepared to fly — all hell will break loose — in this desert — the Third World War will be fought; then Fourth, then Fifth, then Sixth,"

  • 4

    The Voting Machine

    3 weeks ago

    "I want to be the president, President of the United States of America; I want to run an election campaign, debate on television, inject my thoughts into the minds of millions of voters; I want to do this, sleep and repeat — in all the 195 countries in the world."

  • 2

    The Lovely Wheel

    3 weeks ago

    "There by the river, there is a crematorium— The tree~leaves flutter in the flood of noon; I gently walk by that crematory, tarry around its fields, look at the faint marks of half-smoked cigarette sticks. . ."

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    The Hibiscus Garden

    8 days ago

    "People are becoming like robots, day by day, in this twenty first century. People nowadays travel more, but they do not hug others. People buy more things, but they do not value art. People nowadays do not love anymore; People are becoming like robots."

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    The Green Parrot of Shakespeare

    3 weeks ago

    "There in the shadow of a dying star — inside the heart of a blackhole, a God created itself, out of air! It then laid an egg, and the egg cracked, and opened the universe."

  • 6


    4 weeks ago

    "On the floor of the office room, on that carpet — there is peace, there is silence. Over on the fence, beyond that on the sunlit carpet of mountain green grass — in the music of India flute, on the tune of romantic nonexistence — there is peace, there is silence."

  • 2

    Private Library

    4 weeks ago

    "I can not write interesting poetry anymore; I look back at the days, years ago, when Whenever I dropped myself to write poetry, words would flow genuinely from the computer keyboard, and fill the LG monitor; those days are gone by. I can no longer write poetry."

  • 2

    Perfect Poem About My Life

    4 weeks ago

    "I would rather imagine a life perfect; a serene day as cinematic as a Martin Scorsese imagery; I would rather paint my life on a Wacom cintiq; but I can not write the perfect poetry about my life."


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