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"It's all inside your head like fragments of a dream you remember".

Hello World!!!

I am Tarun Bajaj from Panipat town in state Haryana of India. My town is famous for the Textile Industry in the world and my agrarian state is known for huge production of Wheat. And country is crazy for cricket, protected by Mighty Himalayas of North, Sea surrounding both southern sides, Forests in the centre, Desert in the west, Blessed with all the gifts from God.

I love Living. I like writing because i find it the strongest way of communicating. A big fan of sports and Music.

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  • Geography of India at a Glance

    Geography of India at a Glance

    4 years ago

    With Rich Culture, India is also equally rich in physical diversities (Geography). Might Himalayas in North, Great Rivers, Plains of North, Desert of West, Seas on southern sides and largely distributed dense forests...