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I have only recently decided to get involved in the world of social media so I plan to slowly intergrate and add as I am capable of doing so.

Though I am earning a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science, my passion as always been in composition and literature.

I intend to share my work as well as information that I find to be fascinating.

Starting with basic comics I developed into a more refined taste. I got into 'Animorph's' by K.A.Applegate around age 10 and while walking the aisles of the bookstore the next year I saw what is to this date my favorite book 'The Dragons' in the DragonLance universe by Douglas Niles.

Along the way there was of course Harry Porry by J.K.Rowling and dozens more DragonLance and even getting heavily into the TopCow comic universe founded by Marc Silvestri, however, I began imagining my own worlds, my own characters and tribulations.

I mostly read fantasy and certain writers and genre's interest and inspire me.

I hope my work can come even close to some of those who have inspired me for the past two decades.

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