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Teacher! Mother! Daughter! Wife! Hairdresser! Administrator! Woman of Faith! Etc....! I could go on and on and on! But, all of you know! We spend our lives attempting to find out who we are. So, who am I really? I am a frustrated educator, at the same time I am passionate about education and children! I guess that's why I get frustrated because I care. I am a great mother. Don't get me wrong I am not super mom. I have a lot of defects that get in my way, but I love my daughter like no other. In this life the most important thing to me is that she finds happiness. Unconditional love at it's purity. I would like most literally be tortured and die for my daughter just to keep her from harm. As you can see I have a flare for drama. I am honest and sometimes to the point where I am raw, which to me is where the drama comes from. I have compassion for people and empathy. I truly care about where we are as a society, but fear stops me from saying to much. So, this is why I chose to attempt this feet of blogging. This is where my insights, inspirations and flare will come from. I will say what I mean after searching for facts. At the same time I will not tone it down, so not to offend. Change cannot come if we don't share our opinions and discuss. I am open minded and will look at this as a platform for discussions, for change. We need this change in certain areas of our society. Don't get me wrong there is no other place or time I would rather be. I love my country! At the same time I know we will always have things that need changing. If we didn't we would no longer be human!!

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