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Pertaining to this blog is my working experience for the last twenty five plus years. My career in technology has taken me around the globe with several years in China as a Technical Manager.

I have setup maintenance crews, shops, and work scheduling programs. I have designed and built machinery, prototypes, and machining jobs for the bulk of my working career. It is this experience I wish to share as well as the tips and tricks taught to me by my seniors that have served me so well.

I also have a lot of experience with 3-d modeling of machines and machine parts. I will spend some time on this subject in this blog as drawing aided me in so many situations.

I consider myself a very unpretentious down to earth person with no illusions of knowing it all. I expect and hope that I learn from my readers as much or more than I teach. If I recieve feedback on every single article I write with a better way or someone pointing out flaws in my approach, I will insert the new, better, or correct way on the next blog.

I believe two heads are better than one and that problems recieve there best solutions when there is a lot of thoughtful input. In short I am not afraid of being wrong and like to be corrected for my own knowledge.

It is my hope to provide solid helpful information here. Maybe something that directly solves an issue or sparks an idea for a solution, you never know.

The hardest problems that I have ever solved were inconjuction with others and generally like an idea frenzy. A back and forth idea fest where the spark gets batted around and keeps improving until there is a concensious. I hope this blog turns into just that, it can be amazing and produce some seriously out of the box thinking.

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