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  • The Shirt - A Dialogue, of Sorts

    The Shirt - A Dialogue, of Sorts

    7 years ago

    A  Dialogue of Sorts(or out of sorts) DESIGNER:  I've created an extraordinary new fabric that never fades, snags, rips, tears or unravels. My dear, it will surely revolutionize fashion as we know it. ASSISTANT:  Is that so?  And just...



    7 years ago

    JAZZ – AN AMERICAN ARTFORM Jazz is an improvisational music style that challenges the musician’s sense of expression. Essentially, it’s an art form, which has, not only been woven throughout the history of American music but it’s in the...

  • One Tough Arachnophobic

    One Tough Arachnophobic

    7 years ago

    ONE TOUGH ARACHNOPHIC With the warm days of spring come open windows and doors to let in the warm breezes and fresh California air. Unfortunately, those open doors are welcome mats for all the bugs in the neighborhood to come on over to my house,...

  • A poem of Trust

    A poem of Trust

    8 years ago

    TRUST Will you trust me with your secrets? Share with me your fears? Tell me all the things that go bump In the dark, dark corners of your night? Please know that I want to be, Wish to be The shoulders that catch your tears...

  • Arresting the Affects of a Cold

    Arresting the Affects of a Cold

    8 years ago

    Arresting the Affects of a Cold When season’s change we tend to get careless with wearing jackets, leaving us open to the attack of the dreaded cold virus. Our bodies tell us when a cold is creeping in, with aches, pains and a fever, but...

  • 1960s Motown

    1960s Motown

    8 years ago

    Living in Detroit, Michigan in the mid 1960’s, music was the dominant force in the motor city. Everyone’s dream was to be a singer, so everyday wannabe singers flocked to the crowded front steps of Hitsville, U.S.A, later renamed, Motown with...

  • Easy Delicious Lasagna

    Easy Delicious Lasagna

    8 years ago

    WEDNESDAY LASAGNA Lasagna is a favorite in most families. Well, I have a quick, delicious recipe for a deep-dish meal that will make you a hit with everyone. It takes one hour from preparation to table so even the busiest person can make this....

  • Inspiring Names

    Inspiring Names

    8 years ago

    I don't know if it's that I'm getting old and becoming stodgy, or if it's just the times wearing me to a frazzle, but children's names have become complex to the point of being almost dimensional. There was a time when only black folk gave their...

  • Natures Motherly Instinct

    Natures Motherly Instinct

    8 years ago

    Nature’s Motherly Instints I am addicted to animal shows, specifically those shown on the Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. Any programming that depicts nature at work has my undivided attention. My son is mystified why I will often...

  • The White Chapel of Elvis

    The White Chapel of Elvis

    7 years ago

    THE WHITE CHAPEL (… of Elvis) I wish I could say my husband and I had a huge wedding with bowls of floating orchids on crisp white linen table cloths. All the guests dressed exquisitely in designer finery, and me, in a gown with layer upon layer...

  • Revenge or Ridiculous

    Revenge or Ridiculous

    8 years ago

    Anyone over the age of 30 has heard of the 7 year itch, in reference to marriage.  In this case, this man was slow to respond to his itch.  It took him an amazing… staggeringly dedicated 21 years. This devoted man of 47 maneuvered through a...

  • Restored Faith In Humanity

    Restored Faith In Humanity

    8 years ago

      RENEWED FAITH IN HUMANITY   We are living through very economically tenuous times.  The stress of trying to make every dollar stretch from day to day has all but left us at our breaking point.  No matter the address, no matter the...

  • 4am


    9 years ago

    4am 4am and I am awakened by the warmth of your body pressed against mine. the weight of your body causes me to exhale slightly, and I inhale the scent from your neck. it's intoxicating. I want more. our hearts beat in unison under moist skin. I...

  • In A Gust

    In A Gust

    9 years ago

      In A Gust   A gust of wind on a too hot day brings a chill and evokes a shiver. It moves gracefully about us And through the fields of high green grass, As if manipulated by an unseen hand. It to sway’s about as in a winsome...

  • Talk To Me - A Poem

    Talk To Me - A Poem

    9 years ago

      TALK TO ME   Talk to me Surround me with that voice That voice that takes me there Touches me here And holds me in its grasp Talk to me again about the "When we's", and the "What could be's" Let those words of yours Lift me...

  • A Poem Simpatico

    A Poem Simpatico

    8 years ago

      SIMPATICO     In two's we speak You first, then me In unison at times Stumbling over your ends Stepping on my beginnings Simpatico   Melodic harmonies of Mine and yours Words and laughter Our rhythm in sync ...

  • I Am The Fruit

    I Am The Fruit

    9 years ago

      I Am The Fruit   I am the fruit of a vibrant past. The result of lessons ignored. With past being prologue I stand courageously on a foundation of strength So that I might teach my fruit to Realize their potential and reach for...

  • Ruminations on Redwoods

    Ruminations on Redwoods

    9 years ago

    Ruminations on Redwoods I've dreamed of a place safe and secure. A place designed just for me. Unencumbered by man, and free from human stain. Awash in mossy greens and dark colored earth, accented by flowers. Like delicate...

  • Family Secrets

    Family Secrets

    9 years ago

                   Michael’s eyes are filled with the past.  Beneath the twinkling flashes of puckish playfulness lay shadows that hide within them the secrets and memories we both fight to suppress.             I saw my...

  • A Bat, a Ball, and  a Jelly Jar

    A Bat, a Ball, and a Jelly Jar

    8 years ago

    A Bat, Ball and a Jelly Jar It’s no secret that we’ve become a race of techno-heads, determined to keep ourselves saturated in all things techno. Through a steady diet of media saturated influences we have been conditioned to train our eyes...

  • The Shirt - A Dialogue of Sorts (or out of sorts)

    The Shirt - A Dialogue of Sorts (or out of sorts)

    9 years ago

    A Dialogue of Sorts(or out of sorts) DESIGNER: I've created an extraordinary new fabric that never fades, snags, rips, tears or unravels. My dear, it will surely revolutionize fashion as we know it. ASSISTANT: Is that so? And just why...

  • The Culture of Naming

    The Culture of Naming

    9 years ago

    Like a lot of people I have never been very fond of my name. When I was a little girl I wanted a feminine name like Stacy or Kimberley, but what I got lacked clear gender classification. For the life of me I couldn't understand what my parents were...


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