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The following is a bio I wrote abou 5 years ago as a 16/17 years ago. Some of it is still true, but nevertheless, I love music and hope to bring you some great content.

"My name is Taylor, I am a teenager who loves music. So I decided to write a blog on things in the broad category of music and even made a website for music tabs. I am not going to just babble on about things that don't matter and are a waste of time. Somethings about me: I have experience playing guitar, acoustic and electric, and also some piano and harmonica. Music I like: alternative, rock, classic rock, acoustic alternative, singer/songwriter, these would have to be my favorites. I am also into technology and all the advancements being made with it. My favorite TV shows are The Office and LOST. My hubs will primarily be about music but I might branch off here and there. Thats about it, thanks for checking out my blog/hub.

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Do you like The Office, Here are some quotes

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Best acoustic songs right here."

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