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Hello Hub Authors and Friends! (Is 'Hub Authors' sufficient to describe us?)

University Student (English Major), Internet Marketer, Public Speaking mentor, Literacy Tutor, Blogger and CHRONIC Heroes Fan.

My fave Heroes characters: HRG & The Haitian. I think Tim Kring (creator of "Heroes") has risked a lot in making heroes that are as real as normal people who appear to have 'everyday' afflictions:

* mental illness - split personality, Niki Sanders

* how to deal with the label 'gifted'? Micah Sanders, 'gifted' child - this kid will 'whup ya' at chess - or any game!

* First season character, Isaac Mendez is shown blatantly as an addict. His 'gift' of painting the future is ONLY possible when he is an 'active' addict, consumed by his addiction, with drug of choice in his system.

* DELUSIONS: Many of the heroes 'seem to be having' delusions: Peter - thinks he can fly, Isaac - 'sees' and paints the future, Hiro has an unstoppable 'imagination' and thinks he can 'stop time.'

"Seriously FLAWED" is what all the heroes would be deemed in 'real life,' but many of their 'quirks,' flaws, even mental illnesses and addictions are what make them heroes.

Perhaps Tim is suggesting that flawed or not, everyone has potential?

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