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  • America’s Favorite Scapegoat: The Gun

    America’s Favorite Scapegoat: The Gun

    4 years ago

    Since at least the mid-nineteenth century America has foolishly pushed the idea that guns are the root of all violent and social problems and that the erroneous belief on gun control would help.

  • Americans Should Support 911 Volunteers

    Americans Should Support 911 Volunteers

    3 years ago

    Volunteerism has been a time old tradition in America. One of the oldest and most important types of volunteering is that of 911 responders. A niche that goes above and beyond to serve their community

  • Rand Paul

    Rand Paul

    4 years ago

    Rand Paul is a well known ophthalmologist and Senator hailing from Kentucky. He has captured the hearts of many with his conservative message and as a contender for the 2016 Presidential nomination.

  • New Street Drug Danger: Flakka

    New Street Drug Danger: Flakka

    4 years ago

    In 2014 a new synthetic variation of amphetamine (aka bath salts) was discovered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was called Flakka and it's spreading. It's called a scary mix of Meth and Bath Salts.

  • Basic EMS & First Aid Kit

    Basic EMS & First Aid Kit

    4 years ago

    Being prepared means having the proper equipment to survive and adapt as needed. Do you have a First Aid Kit? This is a guide to making a proper first aid & First In Bag kit by an EMT.

  • The Danger of Hyperthermia

    The Danger of Hyperthermia

    4 years ago

    The Dangers of Hyperthermia and Fever to the Human Body. When hot is too hot and when it's time to seek additional help and treatment.

  • CPR Made Easy!

    CPR Made Easy!

    4 years ago

    CPR is a vital skill and can mean the difference between life and death. Even reading about it is better than being uninformed. Learn how to save a life and get properly certified as a CPR Provider.


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